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Video Production

After over a year and a half of writing, producing, shooting and editing of over 100 videos, we have developed a knack for how to tell a story in a way that catches the attention of the online community. As well, we have created a network of the most talented animators, cinematographers and actors in Edmonton that are at your disposal.

Through working with our team, you can tell your brands story in an entertaining and authentic way that connects with your audience in a way that conventional video production can't.

Speaking and Workshops

Since starting 52skillz, Stephen has already spoken for thousands of people across Alberta, and helped launch over 3 weekly learning challenges across, schools, libraries and even a seniors center!

As well, Stephen has recently completed a TEDx talk on "How to Learn Anything" in which he walks the audience through the 6 steps you need to take in order to learn anything, in a humorous, engaging and inspiring way.

Hire the Brand

Through the process of learning a new skill every week for over a year and a half, not only have we developed strong video production and online marketing skills; we have gained a dedicated following of individuals who have a n unquenchable thirst to learn. Through hiring the 52skillz brand, we can help you connect with these individuals in a way that is both authentic, and provides value for your company, and the individuals connecting with it.


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