#16) How to Turn Your House Into an Instrument

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Time: 8-14 Hours Cost: If you live in a house with things in it…$0 Difficulty: Editing Wise, Super Flippin Difficult Required Dancing Proficiency: High Wow! Those Are Amazing Dance Moves! Thank you, you are correct…they are pretty amazing. Unfortunately that level of dancing is something that cannot be taught. It can only be formed like water through a canyon… over many years of solitary bathroom jams to the spiciest of girls and the questiest of tribes. But what can be taught, is how to make sick beats with random stuff in your house. You will Need 1. A Decent Sense […]

#9) How to Build an Electric Scooter with a Drill (And a Scooter)

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Time: 2-3 Hours Cost: $50-$200 Efficiency: 5% Practicality: 1 Practical Points out of 5 Awesomeness: Super Fucken Awesome ¬†Want a lot of attention wherever you go? Great! Cause this thing is loud, flashy, inefficient, bulky and oh so easy to love. Smiles of wonder and amusement follow it everywhere, and it will never let you down…unless of course you try and use it for something practical. Then it probably will. So you don’t like attention? Cool, find someone who does and build this thang for that person. I promise (if it isn’t the best), it will be the most interesting […]