How to Make Your Own Beer

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Time: 1-1.5 Months Cost: $50 Difficulty: Super Easy Deliciousness: SUPER DELICIOUS   Links and Final Thoughts This was one of the longest running skillz in 52skillz history, second only to The Rube Goldberg Machine I spent two months making for the 52nd skill. Was it worth it? OH HELL YA. For those of you who are looking for actually instructions on how to make beer, check out: This Forum on Beer Making This Beer Kit Website This Instructables post on how to make your own beer from a kit Also, yes we did make a label for this beer. And […]

#36) Deadliest Weapon Made from Things Found in a Bolivian Market

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $7.50 Difficulty: Easy Peezy Likeliness of Getting Arrested: Increased by 50%   No Hablo Mucho Espanol As a 22 year old individual who has never learned (or had the need to learn) another language outside of English, trying to pick up another language as been incredibly difficult for me. That said, even though my Spanish was far from perfect (or hardly recognizable to people outside of the tourist industry) I feel pretty good with the progress I’ve made. I’m able to barter in pretty much all situations, ask a taxi how long the ride is, tell […]

#34) How to be Metal

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Time: No Way to tell Cost: Not too sure to be honest Difficulty: This whole thing is so abstract Badassery Increased? Hell ya Metal is Commitment I will never claim to be an expert on music culture, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even say I have a better understanding of music culture when compared to the average individual. But what I can say without question, is that from the individuals I have met and know in the metal scene, they are  some of the most dedicated and hardcore fans I have ever met. Even on its own, the […]

#29) How to Viking-Part 1

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Time: 2-100 hrs Cost: $2-$10,000 Difficulty: Mid Range Badassery: 10 Battle Cries out of 10 Childhood Dream….Accomplished As a kid, I probably spent a good portion of my youth running around with homemade wooden swords, waging wars against trees, and challenging random dandelions to duals. One of my fondest childhood memories is of me riding my bike, homemade numb chucks flailing above my head, and chucking the forcfully bound sticks at any innocent bystander foolish enough to get close (and by innocent bystander I mean trees) I have to admit…I was a massive medieval nerd. And after this experience with […]

#28) The $10 Guitar (And Piano)

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10-$50 Difficulty: Easy as Pie Badassery: Not really increased, not sure why I wrote this here…WATCH THIS! A Skill 3 Years in the Making Almost 3 and half years ago I discovered a lonely old baby grand piano and an aggressively used tiger guitar in Value Village. As per the usual, they were both hidden underneath a pile of aggressively chewed up barbie dolls, booger incrusted hot wheels and popular play sets from the late 90s’s. Being a reasonable man, I dug through the mess, promptly grabbed the instruments, payed my $5, took them home and […]

#24) How to Ski without a Ski Hill: Skijoring

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Time: 1-5 hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Moderate Badassery: Oh helllll ya  Skijoring ski·jor·ing: the action of being pulled over snow or ice on skis by a horse or dog or a motor vehicle, as a sport or recreation activity. For those of you who haven’t head of skijoring before, as I imagine you have figured out by now, it is pretty friggin badass. No longer do the people of Saskatchewan, Upper Manitoba, or really anywhere that is flat have to worry about never being able to experience the joy of flying across ice or snow at 50km/hr with pieces of […]

#21) How to Do Standup Comedy

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Time: 10-20 hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Incredibly Scaryness: Incredibly   Holy Shit that Was Terrifying Typically public speaking doesn’t phase me at all. I can go up in front of 500 people in suits and open a banana, but for some reason telling a few jokes to a group of 100 or so people made me want to walk past the stage and into some oncoming traffic. Maybe its a vulnerability thing, maybe its a challenge to your true level of “funnyness” thing. Maybe its a potential of hecklers or total social rejection thing…. either way, that shit was scary…but […]

#20) How to Drink Fast (er)

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Time: 2-10 hours Cost: $30.00 Difficulty: Difficult for this guy, easy for others Increase in Bro Love: 300% Increase in Externally Initiated Chest Bumps Brrroooooo I struggled with this one…ooooh man did I struggle with this one! It seemed like no matter how I spun it, I couldn’t break the barriers in my brain that allowed me to open my throat and just let that beer pour in. It was frustrating because I know so many people that can do it without even thinking, and I had to practice an entire week to get to the 13 second mark! Plus […]