Ep 6 | How to Dance on the Peak of a Mountain

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Tap Dancing is Tough, Tap Dancing on a piece of plywood on the side of Mt. Hood is really tough.  Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. If I could die an old man, dancing to a funky beat, with a bunch of other old people dancing around me, I would die a happy man. That said, the only style of dancing I’ve explored is “whatever the heck I feel like doing” style. For the sixth and final episode of How to Learn Anything, I decided it was time to explore a few more technical styles of dancing, to […]

Ep 4 | How to Flip a Car while Doing the Splits

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Like a lot of kids, I grew up watching Mythbusters and thinking “that would be the coolest job ever”, and a goal of mine ever since has been to build a full sized remote control car. Last spring, I got an opportunity to do that for How to Learn Anything  and with the help of a very talented “local Mythbuster”, we were able to pull it off. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part. This post is going to outline how we built it, and how its pretty much like building a small RC car, just way […]