How to Make Your Own Beer

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Time: 1-1.5 Months Cost: $50 Difficulty: Super Easy Deliciousness: SUPER DELICIOUS   Links and Final Thoughts This was one of the longest running skillz in 52skillz history, second only to The Rube Goldberg Machine I spent two months making for the 52nd skill. Was it worth it? OH HELL YA. For those of you who are looking for actually instructions on how to make beer, check out: This Forum on Beer Making This Beer Kit Website This Instructables post on how to make your own beer from a kit Also, yes we did make a label for this beer. And […]

Guidelines to the Zombie Apocalypse

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Time: 8 Weeks Cost: Your Life If You Don’t Watch it Difficulty: Very, but necessary BRRAAAAIIINNSS: This isn’t a measurable metric, not sure what you want me to do with that….   THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET DIRT NASTY (zombie style) What does that title mean? That’s up to you to figure out. What I do know is that this video marks the start of our 8 week journey to becoming better prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse. For the last month I have been researching everything there is to know about surviving in the impending doom of human civilization…and […]

#16) How to Turn Your House Into an Instrument

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Time: 8-14 Hours Cost: If you live in a house with things in it…$0 Difficulty: Editing Wise, Super Flippin Difficult Required Dancing Proficiency: High Wow! Those Are Amazing Dance Moves! Thank you, you are correct…they are pretty amazing. Unfortunately that level of dancing is something that cannot be taught. It can only be formed like water through a canyon… over many years of solitary bathroom jams to the spiciest of girls and the questiest of tribes. But what can be taught, is how to make sick beats with random stuff in your house. You will Need 1. A Decent Sense […]

#11) How to Float- My Experience with a Sensory Deprivation Tank

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Time: 1-12 Hours Cost: $50-$500 Worth-it-ness? Completely Worth it Intimacy Level: 5 Marvin Gaye Singles out of 5  “The Sensory Deprivation Chamber has been the most important tool I’ve used for developing my mind.”-Joe Rogan What is it? A Sensory Deprivation Tank is essentially a completely enclosed bathtub filled with 850 lbs of epsom salt and water with the intent of starving your body of all sensory input. The fact that there’s no light, sound or pressure from gravity combined with a water temperature of 34°C (skin receptor neutral) – the sensory experience you receive is truly nothing. And its […]

#7) How to Rappel Down the Side of A Bridge

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Time: 2-3 Hrs Cost: $0-$450 Danger Level on a Voltage Scale: High Comments: “Holy Shit thats Badass”, “Take me now Stephen, you’re so cool” etc… etc…  Want to feel like James Bond? Of course you do. I’ve experienced few things that are more invigorating and terrifying then being strapped to the side of the bridge, hanging 40 feet in the air. You’re completely dependent on your equipment, nothing but your set up and the quality of your gear determines whether or not you’re gonna survive on the way down. I bet Mr. Bond might even hesitate to do something like […]

#1) How to Burning Man

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Time: 1-10 days Cost: $500-$1500 Baddasery: Ten Dust Storms out of Ten Increased Chance of Getting Laid When Experiencing this Skill: 200% Sexyness: 100% Sexy   I’ve had a lot of close friends and family ask me why I’ve chosen “How to Burning Man” as my first post, and how this is even a skill. I mean, how does one learn how to Burning Man? Let me break it down. You can’t. I will agree, Burning Man is not a skill… it’s an experience, a FUCKING CRAZY experience at that. It is something that through experiencing you will learn a […]