Guidelines to the Zombie Apocalypse

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Time: 8 Weeks Cost: Your Life If You Don’t Watch it Difficulty: Very, but necessary BRRAAAAIIINNSS: This isn’t a measurable metric, not sure what you want me to do with that….   THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET DIRT NASTY (zombie style) What does that title mean? That’s up to you to figure out. What I do know is that this video marks the start of our 8 week journey to becoming better prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse. For the last month I have been researching everything there is to know about surviving in the impending doom of human civilization…and […]

Why | Maintaining Vs. Living

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  SEASON 2 of 52skillz BEGINS NOW Its a new year, a new style and a whole lot of super cool new shenanigans. There’s going to be more of a focus on producing high quality videos, like “Why | Maintaining vs. Living” than on the blogs. But worry not! Each blog will contain any sort of resources or information that I used during said skill for you to check out and use to your delight. Thanks for being so patient for season 2 to come out, and we’ll talk next week.      

How to Take Super Cool Pictures|Boxcube Photography

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This is Not a Tutorial I know very little about photography, but I recently hung out with a guy who does. And hawt damn is he good at it. So if you want to learn how to learn photography, talk to him. These links are pretty good too:,2817,2399400,00.asp For example: Have you seen the new website recently? Though I get some credit for that, the majority of it goes to my man Sharyar at Boxcube Photography.  Every one of the spanky new pictures on this website are the product of his camera wielding ‘wizardry’. If you haven’t […]

#52) The 52 Skill Rube Goldberg Machine

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Time: 1.5 Months to Build, 1 Year to Conceptualize Cost: $500 Difficulty: The Most Difficult Thing I Have Ever Done Level of Neetness: Pretty Friggin Neet   1 Year, 12 Months, 52skillz After a year of learning, growing, building, doubting, creating, imagining, doubting some more, creating some more and one or two near death experiences…so comes the close to the first season of 52skillz. I’ve been nervous to write this post. Mostly because how I have framed this year puts A LOT of expectation on how incredible the “52nd Skill” is going to be (or maybe I just put that […]

#36) Deadliest Weapon Made from Things Found in a Bolivian Market

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $7.50 Difficulty: Easy Peezy Likeliness of Getting Arrested: Increased by 50%   No Hablo Mucho Espanol As a 22 year old individual who has never learned (or had the need to learn) another language outside of English, trying to pick up another language as been incredibly difficult for me. That said, even though my Spanish was far from perfect (or hardly recognizable to people outside of the tourist industry) I feel pretty good with the progress I’ve made. I’m able to barter in pretty much all situations, ask a taxi how long the ride is, tell […]

#35) The Moustache Manliness/Creepiness Equation (How to Attract Fewer Women)

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Time: 10-20 min Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy Interactions with Women: Cut in Half Stay Classy Moustachey It’s a fact. For the most part the modern day female does not find moustaches very sexy. Finding a lady who both appreciates your moustache and having a conversation with you instead of the police, is about as likely as Michael J Fox threading a needle. 99% of the time…it ain’t gonna happen. This said, there are definitely certain individuals who who can rock the shit of a well groomed moustache. In order to determine whether or not you would be fit for such a challenge I […]

#34) How to be Metal

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Time: No Way to tell Cost: Not too sure to be honest Difficulty: This whole thing is so abstract Badassery Increased? Hell ya Metal is Commitment I will never claim to be an expert on music culture, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even say I have a better understanding of music culture when compared to the average individual. But what I can say without question, is that from the individuals I have met and know in the metal scene, they are  some of the most dedicated and hardcore fans I have ever met. Even on its own, the […]

#31) How to Break Down a Door

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Time: 5 min Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy Peezey Badassery: Off the Charts FEEEEEEL THE TESTOSTERONE (Ladies, you have testosterone too, and I know you’re feeling it right now). Let’s be honest with ourselves. All of us at one point of our lives have had the desire to kick down a door. Whether it was when our little brother locked himself inside our room and messed around with your stuff, or when we where saving a helpless cat from a fire…its a basic human instinct to want to kick down doors (but don’t qoute me on that). “Its a basic human […]

#30) How to Cook a Steak

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Time: 10 min Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy Manliness: Instantly Doubled The Home Field Advantage Compared to my young years,  I find that there are many things that when moved out, I have begun to finally appreciate. Things like clean clothes, a dog, no rent, free food, and food that is cooked for you make it almost worth it to sacrifice my recently gained independence…. almost. But all of that aside, the one thing that made the move more difficult than anything else (other than my parents unfaltering love and affection of course) was missing out on Dad’s steak. After 40 […]

#29) How to Viking-Part 1

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Time: 2-100 hrs Cost: $2-$10,000 Difficulty: Mid Range Badassery: 10 Battle Cries out of 10 Childhood Dream….Accomplished As a kid, I probably spent a good portion of my youth running around with homemade wooden swords, waging wars against trees, and challenging random dandelions to duals. One of my fondest childhood memories is of me riding my bike, homemade numb chucks flailing above my head, and chucking the forcfully bound sticks at any innocent bystander foolish enough to get close (and by innocent bystander I mean trees) I have to admit…I was a massive medieval nerd. And after this experience with […]