#11) How to Float- My Experience with a Sensory Deprivation Tank

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Time: 1-12 Hours Cost: $50-$500 Worth-it-ness? Completely Worth it Intimacy Level: 5 Marvin Gaye Singles out of 5  “The Sensory Deprivation Chamber has been the most important tool I’ve used for developing my mind.”-Joe Rogan What is it? A Sensory Deprivation Tank is essentially a completely enclosed bathtub filled with 850 lbs of epsom salt and water with the intent of starving your body of all sensory input. The fact that there’s no light, sound or pressure from gravity combined with a water temperature of 34°C (skin receptor neutral) – the sensory experience you receive is truly nothing. And its […]

#10) How to do a Flip in a Plane

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Time: 45min-15 Hours Cost: $0-$50,000 Badassery: 12 out 10 badass points Number of Blown Minds: A Dangerous Number  Ya you heard me, we be doing flips in planes and stuff I know I keep going back to the whole blowing peoples minds thing. But for real this time. You wanna blow peoples minds? Tell them you, as in YOU the guy who has never flown anything other than shitty paper airplanes and RC helicopers , learned how to fly a plane and do a flip in that same plane… all in the span of 45min. Also this in certain situations…but […]

#3) 8 Steps To Being A Less Shitty Roomate

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Time: 5min-1hr Cost: $0 Increase in Quality of Life: 78.3% Decrease in Chance of Burnt Mail: 100% Decide to live with your friends this year? Want to stay friends? Not living with your friends and still want your roommate to not hate you? Do you have roommates? Did you say yes to one of those questions? No? Doesn’t matter cause this post is awesome and you want to read it anyways. Here’s 8 Step’s to being a less shitty roommate. Listen close newly moved out folk, this is for you. #1) TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE Seriously, its garbage. It gets […]