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Connect with an Audience with a Thirst to Learn

Through the process of learning a new skill every week for over a year and a half, not only have we developed strong video production and online marketing skills; we have gained a dedicated following of individuals who have a n unquenchable thirst to learn. Through hiring the 52skillz brand, we can help you connect with these individuals in a way that is both authentic, and provides value for your company, and the individuals connecting with it.


3 Benefits of Working with 52skillz

High Quality Video

When you work with 52skillz, your business will get a high qaulity, ambitiously produced video to use as leverage in your community when promoting your brand.

Community Connection

You get an awesome example of how your brand is involved in the local art scene.

Social Media

And you get to spread your reach to the entire 52skilz audience: both online and in the Edmonton community.

Each sponsorship can be developed...

These two videos provide an example of how your your brand could be represented through 52skillz. Are you are hardware store, or online shop that sells a variety of nicknacks? The Rube Goldberg Machine is perfect.

Are you a skate rental shop? "Welcome to Canada" would have been a perfect fit! Not only did that video reach 7000 people on Youtube, it was featured on half a dozen news stations in Northern AB post launch.

52skillz is all about doing awesome stuff, teaching people how to do awesome stuff, and presenting it in a unique and exciting way.

If this lines up with what your brand wants to convey to its customers, I would love to talk.


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