Speaking and Workshops

Inspire Applied Learning at Any Age!

Since starting 52skillz, Stephen has already spoken for thousands of people across Alberta, and helped launch over 3 weekly learning challenges across, schools, libraries and even a seniors center!

As well, Stephen has recently completed a TEDx talk on "How to Learn Anything" in which he walks the audience through the 6 steps you need to take in order to learn anything, in a humorous, engaging and inspiring way.


Earlier in the year he followed an introduction by Mayor Dawn Iveson to launch the 52skillz inspired, #3skillzYEG campaign run by the Edmonton Public Library, whose goal is to get the people of Edmonton to learn at least 3 skillz in 3 months!

On top of all this, he has even spent time speaking to a group of seniors in Tofield Alberta as to why you're never to old to start learning!

If you would like Stephen to come speak for your organization, classroom, community or institution on:

  1. "The Power of Learning Through Doing"
  2. "Why Failure is a Good Thing",
  3. "How to Learn Anything"
  4. And/or have him help launch your own 52week learning campaign,

Get in touch via the link below!

Stephen's Story

You Can

Before 2012, I had never thought of myself as a leader. I had never thought of myself as someone who could successfully build and run a half a million dollar company, or build and run an online vlog, eventually becoming a successful online persona.

But in the Fall of 2012, that all changed when a speaker came into my classroom at the U of A and said "You Can".


Spark to a Flame

From this talk, I was inspired to start a fund raiser for Breast Cancer at the Residence I was in. It was successful, so I decided to do more.

From this talk, I started a large amount of community building programs at our residence, and then a small contracting company which eventually grew into a large one.

From this individuals talk on entrepreneurship and community building, I given that extra push to take action in my community.

Which is exactly why I want to speak with your community now.

Why Me?


Because of my age and the concept of 52skillz, I am much more able to relate to the people I am talking to. 52skillz is fun and silly, but also has a serious, actionable component to it.

Hands On

The 52skillz moto of "Learning by Doing" is applied. Each indiviaul will come out of the presentation with actionable steps to learn whatever the heck they want!

The Real Deal

Due to the 80 weeks (and counting) of learning something new every week, I have a log of incredibley diverse experiences and lessons I can pull from to apply to many different contexts.

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