#32) How to Viking-Part 2

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Time: 2-4 Hours

Cost: $2-$10,000

Difficulty: Easy

Sword Skills: Just Incredible



Dull Arrows…they still hurt.

You never know in this day and age when you will have to be prepared to receive random missile fire. It could be from a douchey bird passing overhead, an accidental paintball gun misfire, or something spontaneously combusting near a propane tank, sending sharps of metal everywhere. Whether you know it or not, all these things are common problems… and now you have a solution.

Shields, The all in one Solution

Not only are shields good for defending yourself from arrows and random missile fire, they can also be used to forcefully move your way through a busy street, make great impromptu baby changing stations, and can be used to serve a freshly cooked turkey one if necessary. The possibilities are endless!

And, that is pretty much all I have to say about that….please watch the video…it is much stronger than this post.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week!



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