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This is Not a Tutorial

I know very little about photography, but I recently hung out with a guy who does. And hawt damn is he good at it. So if you want to learn how to learn photography, talk to him.

These links are pretty good too:


For example:

Have you seen the new website recently? Though I get some credit for that, the majority of it goes to my man Sharyar at Boxcube Photography.  Every one of the spanky new pictures on this website are the product of his camera wielding ‘wizardry’.

If you haven’t seen all of them yet, here’s the rest for you to gaze upon in glory.


All credit goes to Boxcube Photography (and my face)


You probably can’t tell by looking at my stone cold model face, but smoke grenades are pretty friggin warm.
The “DON”T MESS WITH ME, I’M A CRAZY PERSON LOCKED IN A SHOP OF MADNESS” look. This was taken during the process of building the 52skill Rube Goldberg Machine.
This is the face of someone who just recently had red smoke bombard the right side of his body and is not sure how to feel about it.
Hot glue guns: The tool for people who like to make things that break 3 hours after building them.
Sponsored by Partially Destroyed Epiphone Guitars


Safety is very important.
The money shot


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