How to Solve a Rubiks Cube While Riding a Bike

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Time: 6hrs

Cost: $5

Difficulty: High

Increased Chance with the Ladies?: Unlikely

The Quick Version

For those of you who are actually wanting to learn how to solve a Rubiks cube, it would be both a waste of my time and yours, if I attempted to explain it in this blog. For that reason, here are two links that do a much better job at explaining the learning process than I would:

  1. A step by step video
  2. A list of the algorithms you need to solve the cube.

Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, I would plan to spend between 3-4hrs practicing in order to solve the cube on your own.

But What About the Bike Part?

Great question imaginary reader! I’d break this down into two steps:

  1. Learn how to bike with no handle bars and…
  2. Be willing to get hit by a car.

As long as those two parts are in place, you should be on your way to becoming a Ru-bikes cubing master in no time!

Thanks for reading! Here’s a gif of me infinitely riding past a window.



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