How to Pick a Lock | The Basics

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Time: 8 hours

Cost: $0-$30

Difficulty: Mid-High

Chances of Getting Sunburt: 0%


The Quick Version

“Lock picking is more of an art than a science”

-The Art of Manliness

I agree The Art of Manliness writers! I would also add that it is an incredibly frustrating art form, one that is quick to pick up, but difficult to master.

“But isn’t that like all forms of art Stephen?”

Ya I guess so.

“I mean, when you think about it, that sentence is redundant. When something is an art form, the fact that it is easy to pick up and hard to learn is kind of implied.”

True, but its too late now. I’ve already delayed this skill a day, and I have ten’s of people counting on me to post this.

“I wasn’t holding my breath.”

Good to know.

“I mean, if you spent a few seconds editing the second sentence of this post, you wouldn’t have to write out all this imaginary dialogue.”

I’m doing it out of spite now.

“That’s mature”


“By the way, why are you having a conversation with an imaginary reader?”.

I think its because I spent 8 hours trying to open a lock in my house, and that I’ve gone insane.

“Fair…you mentioned you had some resources for us in the video. Where are they?”

Some Resources for Naggy Readers to Learn How to Pick a Lock

A Great Tutorial

Another Great Tutorial

Some Great Lock Picks



Thanks to Zac Johnson for lending me his locking pick gear, and good luck!



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