#1) How to Burning Man

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Time: 1-10 days

Cost: $500-$1500

Baddasery: Ten Dust Storms out of Ten

Increased Chance of Getting Laid

When Experiencing this Skill: 200%

Sexyness: 100% Sexy


I’ve had a lot of close friends and family ask me why I’ve chosen “How to Burning Man” as my first post, and how this is even a skill. I mean, how does one learn how to Burning Man? Let me break it down.

You can’t. I will agree, Burning Man is not a skill… it’s an experience, a FUCKING CRAZY experience at that. It is something that through experiencing you will learn a plethora of skills and things about yourself, and things about others, and things about things, and things about other things that you would have never even dreamt of. I can honestly say I learned more through this experience, then my past few months of leading up to DA BURN.

Every once and I while I still catch myself processing parts of what went on.

I wonder if all dudes are supposed to have chains attached to their weiner?

Here’s a list of a few of the things I was able to learn while on the trip (and making this first blog post).

  • How to drive for 30 hours on your own and not die
  • How to develop lifelong connections with complete strangers
  • How to cross-country ski on the playa
  • How to do a back flip on a trampoline
  • How to party on a yacht, on wheels, in the desert. A freakin yacht, in the freakin desert…seriously
  • How to survive a dust storm
  • How to roast marshmallows on the man (it’s easier then you think)
  • How to have a ridiculously good time for 8 days straight
  • How to have a jam session on top of a bus.
  • How to construct a hexayurt (a popular shelter on the playa)
  • How to edit video
  • How to shoot video (and how not to shoot video lol)
  • How to create a website (and how not to create one, also lol)
  • How to dance your face off, none stop baby.
  • How to give mediocre body/face paint jobs

 The list goes on. Here’s a video showing a few of those things I did.

DISLCAIMER-This video is less learning a skill but more an attempt to communicate an experience, and through this expience, inspire people to Learn How to Burning Man. Enjoy.

Did you feel that? Those are called shivers, don’t worry they’ll subside in a few minutes.

But in all seriousness, out of all the things I learned this year at Burning Man about myself, and other people, I think the most valuable was the holistic…philosophical? sense you get from being there. The idea, that given the right social situation, everyone has the capacity for unconditional love and acceptance. There is no racism at Burning Man, there is no hatred towards certain sexual preferences, there is just an authentic sense of acceptance, a thought process that I hope will slowly translate into the “real world”.

If you get the chance, please take the time and money to experience this opportunity; hopefully it will have the same effect on you as it did on me.Contemplate Dat

Thanks for reading! if you have any questions of feedback, shoot me a message on the link below. Gracias.

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