Guidelines to the Zombie Apocalypse

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Time: 8 Weeks

Cost: Your Life If You Don’t Watch it

Difficulty: Very, but necessary

BRRAAAAIIINNSS: This isn’t a measurable metric, not sure what you want me to do with that….



What does that title mean? That’s up to you to figure out. What I do know is that this video marks the start of our 8 week journey to becoming better prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse.

For the last month I have been researching everything there is to know about surviving in the impending doom of human civilization…and for the next two months will be documenting it on the Youtube channel and blog.

Get ready for some hard core nerding out my ever attractive readers.


Want to get a base knowledge on surviving the zombie apocalypse? This book will entertain the stuffing out of you, while provide you with a strong base knowledge to learning the ins and outs of being a total zombie decapitating boss.
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

“Zombies will try to scale any surface no matter how unfeasable or even impossible. In all but the easiest situations, these attempts have met with failure. Even in the case of ladders, when simple hand-over-hand coordination is required, only one in four zombies will succeed.”

Max Brooks on Great Places to hide during an unexpected zombie attack.





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