How to Make Your Own T-Shirt

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Time: 2-5hrs Cost: $50 Difficulty: Medium Shirt Satisfaction: Worn it Every Day Since (seriously)       For those of you wanting written instructions for this badboy, check out the page I used to create this “tutorial”…or sorts. Also, 52skillz shirts with both designs will be on their way shortly! Which one do you prefer?

#39) How to Play a Recorder on Top of a 6088 Meter Mountain

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Time: 3 Days Cost: $120 (850 Bs) Difficulty: Incredibly Level of Danger: High   We were higher than a kite… and the clouds, and the tallest building on earth (828 meters), even higher than a Agusta A109E helicopter can hover (3082 meters), …the list goes on. To start, I would like to define myself as a relatively fit individual. From time to time I will do a pushup or two, jump the jacks or go for a bike ride. As far as skinny dudes in their early 20’s go, I’m pretty average. Which, would suggest that climbing up some steep hills […]

#26) How to Have the Best 6 Months of Your Life

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Time: 6 Months Cost: Approx $1000 without Travel Difficulty: Easier than you think Quality of Life: Increased Sex Appeal: Increased Skill Set: Increased The list goes on….now please, watch this.   What he said To be honest, I don’t have much more to say than what was already said in the video.  This experience has taught me an incredible amount of valuable experiences, strategies, time management skills, skillz learning…skills…and most of which all happen off camera. Almost like it would require a large volume of information produced on multiple pieces of compressed, bleached sheets of pulp bound together with some […]

#21) How to Do Standup Comedy

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Time: 10-20 hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Incredibly Scaryness: Incredibly   Holy Shit that Was Terrifying Typically public speaking doesn’t phase me at all. I can go up in front of 500 people in suits and open a banana, but for some reason telling a few jokes to a group of 100 or so people made me want to walk past the stage and into some oncoming traffic. Maybe its a vulnerability thing, maybe its a challenge to your true level of “funnyness” thing. Maybe its a potential of hecklers or total social rejection thing…. either way, that shit was scary…but […]