How to Make Fishing Less Boring

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Time: 8hrs Cost: A Bit of Gas, and $$$ for Food Difficulty: Not too bad with a guide, but super difficult on your own   The Quick Version As a kid, I never imagined myself willingly spending an entire day, standing by the side of a river, tossing a piece of string attach to a rod into the water for hours on end. Growing up, I thought fishing was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I had short attention span, and fishing did not complement that qaulity. Now that I’ve grown older, I decided to give it […]

#38) How to Survive in the Amazon

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Time: 3 Days Cost: $100 Difficulty: Incredibly Increase in Mosquito Bites: Too Many to Count 3 Days in the Amazon with a Machete and a Backpack This is a story of a boy entering the jungle, and exiting three days later as a man. That is, if the distinction between boy and man is that a man has hundreds of mosquito bites on his back and hasn’t eaten for 3 days. “The [jungle] did not tolerate frailty of body or mind. Show your weakness, and it would consume you without hesitation.” – Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The […]

#37) How to Get out of Going to Jail in Bolivia

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: 40 Bolivianos Difficulty: Easy as crappin your pants in a foreign country Badassery: Pretty Darn badass if you ask me   So… I got Arrested… Yep, this classic middle class white kid consistently getting into shenanigans and consistently getting away with them as finally had long arm of the law come crashing down on him (in a developing country known for its extra sketchy jails non the less). Well at least for a few hours anyways. I mean its Bolivia, and in Bolivia, paper runs the world. No, not paper as in money, actual paper. Apparently […]

#36) Deadliest Weapon Made from Things Found in a Bolivian Market

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $7.50 Difficulty: Easy Peezy Likeliness of Getting Arrested: Increased by 50%   No Hablo Mucho Espanol As a 22 year old individual who has never learned (or had the need to learn) another language outside of English, trying to pick up another language as been incredibly difficult for me. That said, even though my Spanish was far from perfect (or hardly recognizable to people outside of the tourist industry) I feel pretty good with the progress I’ve made. I’m able to barter in pretty much all situations, ask a taxi how long the ride is, tell […]

#18) How to Moonwalk Across Costa Rica

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Time: 4 Days compressed to 45 seconds Cost: $1000 Difficulty: Easier than you think Worthitness: Soooo worth it How do I accomplish such silky smooth moves? The complexity of these moves is intimidating…I know, but with the right concentration and practice, you can all look this silky smooth as well. Let me break it down for you.  The Moon Walk   I like to consider the moonwalk as one of the dance moves that has the strongest impress to learn ratio. And what I mean by that is it will impress basically everyone you know, while being relatively easy to […]

#14) How to Ski for Free (And Prove a Point)

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Time: 3-7 hours Cost: 0-$17 Difficulty: Pretty Darn Difficult Hippininess Level? 7 hand nit hemp toques out of 10 Level of Satisfaction when complete? Mmmm Yis How is skiing for free even a thing? The concept of skiing for free is based on the idea that many large hills stop scanning your lift passes after the first lift. If you can get past that lift without being caught, there is a good chance you will be able to ski to another higher up lift and not have to pay for the lift pass . As long as you don’t accidently […]