Episode 1| How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube While Skydiving

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Time: 1.5 months Cost: $10,000 Difficulty: The Most Difficult thing We’ve Done Yet   After a month of planning, 1.5 months of learning the cube and way to many attempts to solve the cube, the first episode of How to Learn Anything is finally up! Hope you enjoy, and if you’d like to see more stuff like this, be sure to vote for us here to get 5 more episodes funded!

Telus Storyhive Webseries 2016: $10,000 Video!!

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Time: 3 months Cost: $10,000 Difficulty: Extremely Is it incredible??: Hell ya it is   HOLY SMOKES WE COULD WIN $10,000 FOR A VIDEO For 6 months, I have been trying to work out how to pull off one of the most epic skills yet….HOW TO SOLVE A RUBIX CUBE WHILE SKYDIVING. Right now, we have the opportunity to win $10,000 to create the most epic, humorous and educational skill yet…ie: RUBIX CUBE SKYDIVING CITY BABY. But we need your help! In order to get this grant, we need your vote on the Telus Storyhive Webseries 2016 page. Please vote! […]