Why | Maintaining Vs. Living

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  SEASON 2 of 52skillz BEGINS NOW Its a new year, a new style and a whole lot of super cool new shenanigans. There’s going to be more of a focus on producing high quality videos, like “Why | Maintaining vs. Living” than on the blogs. But worry not! Each blog will contain any sort of resources or information that I used during said skill for you to check out and use to your delight. Thanks for being so patient for season 2 to come out, and we’ll talk next week.      

#49) How to Climb Everest, Host TV and be a Deaf Singer/Songwriter

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Time: Years Cost: Lots, and Lots of Time, Money and Hardwork Difficulty: Hard to even Measure Worth it: Hell Freakin Ya The Consistent Message of Success In a slight change from typical 52skillz programming, we are about to get all serious and motivational up in hur. Here is what I want to talk about this week. People that accomplish great things are people too. Achieving great things in different domains follows a relatively transferable mindset. If you want to accomplish something incredible, its gonna involve a looooooot of pain. 1. People that Accomplish Great Things are People Too At first […]

#42) How to Milk a Cow

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Time: 15 min Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy Peezey Sexual Innuendo: Overflowing This Farm “Boymen” is Finally Earning his Stripes Hell ya I lived on an acreage for the first 18 years of my life. Hell ya we had chickens, pigs, sheep, ducks and cows. Did I ever milk any of those animals during those 18 years? First off that’s a silly question because you can’t milk chickens. And second, no, no I did not. So now that I am 22 years of age, in the transition from boy to man and back to a combination of the two, ei: boymen […]

#26) How to Have the Best 6 Months of Your Life

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Time: 6 Months Cost: Approx $1000 without Travel Difficulty: Easier than you think Quality of Life: Increased Sex Appeal: Increased Skill Set: Increased The list goes on….now please, watch this.   What he said To be honest, I don’t have much more to say than what was already said in the video.  This experience has taught me an incredible amount of valuable experiences, strategies, time management skills, skillz learning…skills…and most of which all happen off camera. Almost like it would require a large volume of information produced on multiple pieces of compressed, bleached sheets of pulp bound together with some […]

#20) How to Drink Fast (er)

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Time: 2-10 hours Cost: $30.00 Difficulty: Difficult for this guy, easy for others Increase in Bro Love: 300% Increase in Externally Initiated Chest Bumps Brrroooooo I struggled with this one…ooooh man did I struggle with this one! It seemed like no matter how I spun it, I couldn’t break the barriers in my brain that allowed me to open my throat and just let that beer pour in. It was frustrating because I know so many people that can do it without even thinking, and I had to practice an entire week to get to the 13 second mark! Plus […]

#15) How to Open a Banana (And Grab Life by the Balls)

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Time: Now Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easier than its ever been Ceiling Height: Infinite     Life’s Got Balls, Grab Em’ I am the kind of individual that desperately avoids the use of clichés. There is nothing more frustrating to me than the regurgitation and repurposing of inspirational quotes and ideas that have been beaten to a pulp more times than Young Chris Brown’s Teddy Bears. With that being said…though the topic of opportunity can be considered cliché, I believe so strongly in its importance, that I am completely willing to risk my artistic moral code (which is mainly based around […]

#14) How to Ski for Free (And Prove a Point)

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Time: 3-7 hours Cost: 0-$17 Difficulty: Pretty Darn Difficult Hippininess Level? 7 hand nit hemp toques out of 10 Level of Satisfaction when complete? Mmmm Yis How is skiing for free even a thing? The concept of skiing for free is based on the idea that many large hills stop scanning your lift passes after the first lift. If you can get past that lift without being caught, there is a good chance you will be able to ski to another higher up lift and not have to pay for the lift pass . As long as you don’t accidently […]

#4) How to be Stoked at Any Time of the Day

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Time: 5-15min Cost: $0 Stokedness Increase: 65% Likeability Increase: 2 More Highfives/Day  Why Should You Care? Great question, why should you spend the next five minutes of your day reading this? As a reader you are probably saying” I have my paper work to do, people to call, tests to study for, facebook feeds to scroll on…. I don’t have time for your words Stephen!” And that’s when I would retort with, “You’re wrong!” And you would probably say “What? I’m never wrong!”, and then I would slap you and tell you to “Get it, together man!” Here’s Why…   […]