How to Flip a Water Bottle to Impress Your Friends

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Time: 1-2hrs Cost: $10 Difficulty: Moderate Likelihood of Male Approval at Parties: Increased The Quick Version Don’t have time to watch a 4min video!? Got business to business!? Chores to be chored!? Cats to be catted!? I hear ya. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these 5 tips to a successful water bottle flip. Tip #1 You want a water bottle with a firm body, and flat bottom. I found that the Smart Water bottle worked the best. Tip #2 Fill up 70% of the bottle you found. No idea why this is the best percentage…but it just is. […]

How to Levitate a Ping Pong Ball with Your Mouth

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Time: 3-4hrs Cost: $3 Difficulty: Moderate Coolness: Greatly Increased Depending on Context The Quick Version I had two takeaways from this skill: ¬†Learning how to do this, and to make it look OKAY is fairly easy. To learn how to do it in a way that is worthy for a game of beer pong, will probably take 3-4 hours. Turns out, it was pretty hard to find information on levitating a ping-pong ball with your mouth. If you want to do it with a straw, that’s ezzy peezy That said, here’s what I learned.   How to Levitate a Ball […]

How to Make Your Own Beer

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Time: 1-1.5 Months Cost: $50 Difficulty: Super Easy Deliciousness: SUPER DELICIOUS   Links and Final Thoughts This was one of the longest running skillz in 52skillz history, second only to The Rube Goldberg Machine I spent two months making for the 52nd skill. Was it worth it? OH HELL YA. For those of you who are looking for actually instructions on how to make beer, check out: This Forum on Beer Making This Beer Kit Website This Instructables post on how to make your own beer from a kit Also, yes we did make a label for this beer. And […]

How to Make Your Own T-Shirt

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Time: 2-5hrs Cost: $50 Difficulty: Medium Shirt Satisfaction: Worn it Every Day Since (seriously)       For those of you wanting written instructions for this badboy, check out the page I used to create this “tutorial”…or sorts. Also, 52skillz shirts with both designs will be on their way shortly! Which one do you prefer?

Telus Storyhive Webseries 2016: $10,000 Video!!

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Time: 3 months Cost: $10,000 Difficulty: Extremely Is it incredible??: Hell ya it is   HOLY SMOKES WE COULD WIN $10,000 FOR A VIDEO For 6 months, I have been trying to work out how to pull off one of the most epic skills yet….HOW TO SOLVE A RUBIX CUBE WHILE SKYDIVING. Right now, we have the opportunity to win $10,000 to create the most epic, humorous and educational skill yet…ie: RUBIX CUBE SKYDIVING CITY BABY. But we need your help! In order to get this grant, we need your vote on the Telus Storyhive Webseries 2016 page. Please vote! […]

How to Become a Best Selling Author in 4 Easy Steps!!

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Time: 3hrs Cost: Your Pride Difficulty: Easier than making a Cake!! (what?) Douchey Bragging Rights: Greatly increased     Step 1: Write a Book As bothersome as it is, the first step to becoming a best selling author is: to actually be an author. The great news for all you busy bodies out there, is that you can totally not even write a book, and it’ll still work! For this challenege, my “book” was an essay I wrote on “The 2007 Vinyl Revival” for my music 203 class this semester. I’m actually quite proud of it…. has nothing to do […]