How to Make Fishing Less Boring

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Time: 8hrs Cost: A Bit of Gas, and $$$ for Food Difficulty: Not too bad with a guide, but super difficult on your own   The Quick Version As a kid, I never imagined myself willingly spending an entire day, standing by the side of a river, tossing a piece of string attach to a rod into the water for hours on end. Growing up, I thought fishing was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I had short attention span, and fishing did not complement that qaulity. Now that I’ve grown older, I decided to give it […]

Making the Best Paper Airplane in the World

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Time: 15 min Cost: Pretty much zero? Difficulty: Pretty Darn Easy! The Quick Version For this week’s skill I built the world record breaking paper airplane designed by John Collins, and tested it out to see what, from an amateurs perspective, throwing and building that thing was like . I learned that its super easy to build, but tough to make perfect.  When you’re throwing the plane super hard, any imperfection on how it was built will make it veer off course or go straight into the ground. I learned something by the end of the video that made fixing […]

How to Make Vegan Gluten Free Tomato Aspic w/ Stump Kitchen

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Time: 3hrs Cost: $20 Difficulty: Apparently Quite Difficult Tastyness: Stumptastic!           The Quick Version “Hey Stephen? Why didn’t you write anything up for this week’s skill?” “Because I’m tired, the post is late, and I’ve been editing for the past 16hrs” “Fair” “I’ll get to it later” The Recipe I you haven’t already, subscribe to Alexis’ Channel! DOOOOO IT!

How to Pick a Lock | The Basics

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Time: 8 hours Cost: $0-$30 Difficulty: Mid-High Chances of Getting Sunburt: 0%   The Quick Version “Lock picking is more of an art than a science” -The Art of Manliness I agree The Art of Manliness writers! I would also add that it is an incredibly frustrating art form, one that is quick to pick up, but difficult to master. “But isn’t that like all forms of art Stephen?” Ya I guess so. “I mean, when you think about it, that sentence is redundant. When something is an art form, the fact that it is easy to pick up and […]