#32) How to Viking-Part 2

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Time: 2-4 Hours Cost: $2-$10,000 Difficulty: Easy Sword Skills: Just Incredible     Dull Arrows…they still hurt. You never know in this day and age when you will have to be prepared to receive random missile fire. It could be from a douchey bird passing overhead, an accidental paintball gun misfire, or something spontaneously combusting near a propane tank, sending sharps of metal everywhere. Whether you know it or not, all these things are common problems… and now you have a solution. Shields, The all in one Solution Not only are shields good for defending yourself from arrows and random […]

#31) How to Break Down a Door

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Time: 5 min Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy Peezey Badassery: Off the Charts FEEEEEEL THE TESTOSTERONE (Ladies, you have testosterone too, and I know you’re feeling it right now). Let’s be honest with ourselves. All of us at one point of our lives have had the desire to kick down a door. Whether it was when our little brother locked himself inside our room and messed around with your stuff, or when we where saving a helpless cat from a fire…its a basic human instinct to want to kick down doors (but don’t qoute me on that). “Its a basic human […]

#30) How to Cook a Steak

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Time: 10 min Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy Manliness: Instantly Doubled The Home Field Advantage Compared to my young years,  I find that there are many things that when moved out, I have begun to finally appreciate. Things like clean clothes, a dog, no rent, free food, and food that is cooked for you make it almost worth it to sacrifice my recently gained independence…. almost. But all of that aside, the one thing that made the move more difficult than anything else (other than my parents unfaltering love and affection of course) was missing out on Dad’s steak. After 40 […]

#29) How to Viking-Part 1

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Time: 2-100 hrs Cost: $2-$10,000 Difficulty: Mid Range Badassery: 10 Battle Cries out of 10 Childhood Dream….Accomplished As a kid, I probably spent a good portion of my youth running around with homemade wooden swords, waging wars against trees, and challenging random dandelions to duals. One of my fondest childhood memories is of me riding my bike, homemade numb chucks flailing above my head, and chucking the forcfully bound sticks at any innocent bystander foolish enough to get close (and by innocent bystander I mean trees) I have to admit…I was a massive medieval nerd. And after this experience with […]

#28) The $10 Guitar (And Piano)

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10-$50 Difficulty: Easy as Pie Badassery: Not really increased, not sure why I wrote this here…WATCH THIS! A Skill 3 Years in the Making Almost 3 and half years ago I discovered a lonely old baby grand piano and an aggressively used tiger guitar in Value Village. As per the usual, they were both hidden underneath a pile of aggressively chewed up barbie dolls, booger incrusted hot wheels and popular play sets from the late 90s’s. Being a reasonable man, I dug through the mess, promptly grabbed the instruments, payed my $5, took them home and […]

#27) How to Turn Your Vegetables into Instruments

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Time: 2-4hrs Cost: $50 Difficult: Easy Ability to Annoy Roommates: Increased Astronomically   The Peak of my Musical Career “Never in my life have I felt more a part of my essence as I did when I played upon the gentle sweet potato and crisp zuchinni. It was as if the pure organic nature of the vegetables took a hold me, and whispered into my ear inspiraaation“ Is what I would say if I was trying to get your attention. From a completely honest standpoint, this was probably the opposite of of the peak my musical career (which is not […]

#26) How to Have the Best 6 Months of Your Life

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Time: 6 Months Cost: Approx $1000 without Travel Difficulty: Easier than you think Quality of Life: Increased Sex Appeal: Increased Skill Set: Increased The list goes on….now please, watch this.   What he said To be honest, I don’t have much more to say than what was already said in the video.  This experience has taught me an incredible amount of valuable experiences, strategies, time management skills, skillz learning…skills…and most of which all happen off camera. Almost like it would require a large volume of information produced on multiple pieces of compressed, bleached sheets of pulp bound together with some […]

#25) How to Magic

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Time: 3-5 Hours Cost: $9 Difficulty: Moderate Level of Coolness at a Party: 76% increase* *unless there’s a guy there playing Wonderwall, then its 100% by comparison. Because that guy is laaaaaammmme Blowin my Mind Since 1993 Yep, you read that correctly. Since the day I was born I was being blown a way by magic. How is that even possible?! WHO KNOWS?!?! But all I know is that if baby Stephen saw a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, when it was pretty clear that the rabbit wasn’t in there before, his mind would be blown. Which is […]

#24) How to Ski without a Ski Hill: Skijoring

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Time: 1-5 hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Moderate Badassery: Oh helllll ya  Skijoring ski·jor·ing: the action of being pulled over snow or ice on skis by a horse or dog or a motor vehicle, as a sport or recreation activity. For those of you who haven’t head of skijoring before, as I imagine you have figured out by now, it is pretty friggin badass. No longer do the people of Saskatchewan, Upper Manitoba, or really anywhere that is flat have to worry about never being able to experience the joy of flying across ice or snow at 50km/hr with pieces of […]

#23) How to Write and Perform a Song

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Time: 5-30hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easier than you think Increase in Sexyness: Yuuuuup Breaking Down Barriers For the majority of my musical life I have considered myself a closet songwriter…someone who spends hours writing songs to never release them to the public.  And since the beginning of my songwriting, I have had the desire to share them with people, but have never really taken any actionable steps to do so. Various bullshit excuses such as “no-one is going to like it”, “I suck at singing”, and “there’s enough songs out there anyways, why do I need to perform?” would constantly […]