#52) The 52 Skill Rube Goldberg Machine

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Time: 1.5 Months to Build, 1 Year to Conceptualize Cost: $500 Difficulty: The Most Difficult Thing I Have Ever Done Level of Neetness: Pretty Friggin Neet   1 Year, 12 Months, 52skillz After a year of learning, growing, building, doubting, creating, imagining, doubting some more, creating some more and one or two near death experiences…so comes the close to the first season of 52skillz. I’ve been nervous to write this post. Mostly because how I have framed this year puts A LOT of expectation on how incredible the “52nd Skill” is going to be (or maybe I just put that […]

#51) How to Back Flip

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Time: 3 Days Cost: $16 Difficulty: Moderate Ability to impressive people at high school parties: Free Bootlegged beer for life!   Your instincts are usually correct, I mean, they are usually correct…. if you’re doing something easy and natural, like walking, or sitting down, or knowing if you left the stove on after leaving the house. But for really difficult things, our instincts can be pretty darn deceiving. WHY WOULD YOU CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN!?!?!YOU COULD DIE?!?! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE _______ RISK!?!?! IT COULD BE A WASTE OF ENERGY THAT COULD BE SPENT NOT DOING THAT?!?! Which is why for […]

#50) How to Build an App: Drop Da Mic

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Time: 20-40hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easier than you would think Ability to be a Bowwss?: Massively Increased D-D-D-D-Drop da Mic How many times in your life have you had a moment where you wish you had a mic in your hands to drop? Burn someone real hard? DROP DA MIC. Spit some phat rhymes? DROP DA MIC. Slip into some canola oil, and brace yourself with your hands just about as you are going to perform on stage? DROP DA MIC. If you’re like me, than these kind of situations present themselves at many times throughout the day (and without […]

#49) How to Climb Everest, Host TV and be a Deaf Singer/Songwriter

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Time: Years Cost: Lots, and Lots of Time, Money and Hardwork Difficulty: Hard to even Measure Worth it: Hell Freakin Ya The Consistent Message of Success In a slight change from typical 52skillz programming, we are about to get all serious and motivational up in hur. Here is what I want to talk about this week. People that accomplish great things are people too. Achieving great things in different domains follows a relatively transferable mindset. If you want to accomplish something incredible, its gonna involve a looooooot of pain. 1. People that Accomplish Great Things are People Too At first […]

#48) Caving: How to Explore the Inside of a Mountain

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Time: 6 Hours Cost: $0-$150 Difficulty: Physically: Medium, Psychologically: High Badassery: 4 Unreasonably tight squeezes out of 5       So Underground No-One Could Hear Us Which may or may not be a good thing….Slightly off key singing and impromptu jam sessions aside, caving was another one of 52skillz’ “Ooo this is super fun and also incredibly terrifying” moments. From an optimistic viewpoint, you’re satisfying man’s instinctual need to explore and discover knew things. “Today we are left with few options of unexplored territory. The world’s greatest mountains have been conquered. The depths of the oceans have been reached. […]

#47) The PunGlasses: How to Make Your Puns More Effective

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Time: 30 min Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy Effectiveness of Your Puns: Quadrupled Changing the World, One Pun At A Time Some people hate the pun. And rightly so. It can challenge people’s level of linguistic intelligence, boggle minds and sometimes can be too funny to even laugh at. I used to be in that boat. As a matter of fact, I’m not even all the way out of that boat. But with the power of the PunGlassesTM helping me forward, I feel like it is only a matter of time before I become as cool as these folks, and embrace […]

#46) How to Make Apple Sauce, ‘Murica Style

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Time: 30 min Cost: $10 Difficulty: Ezzy Peezy Good Down on Da Farm Fun?: Heeeeeeell Yeeea Today a Vlogger without a Cause…Tomorrow a Food Network Host. Food network wished they had that kind of talent on board. Ratings would skyrocket, money (and pieces of mashed apple) would fall from the sky. So much money in fact, that there would be a risk of suffocation in their building due to the large amount of space their dolla dolla bills ya’ll would take up. This would force them to build a new building to house the money, in turn spending all the […]

#45) How to Juggle (And Fun Facts About Juggling)

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Time: 15min-40 hrs Cost: $0-$10 Difficulty: Mid Level Dexterity: Def Increased Yo 20 Hours of Practice for 140 Seconds of Video Some people would say it was 20 hrs, others would say it was 40, some may even say it was 15min. But the good news for me (and the not so good news for you ever loyal, humble and handsome reader), is that I can say whatever I want on here. This is the internet gosh dangit! I could say outrageous things about American politics, or about the Israeli Palestine conflict, and there would be little to no consequence! […]

#44) How to Live in Your Car

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Time Lived in Car: 3 weeks Cost Of Living So Far: Approx $300 Difficulty: Much easier than you would think Chances with the Ladies?: Massively Decreased 3 Weeks, Way to Many Nutrigrain Bars and the Greatest Invention Man-Kind Has Ever Known When I say the greatest invention man-kind has ever known, I mean if man kind could only live in cars, and if it was always really sunny out, and there was never any wind, and everyone really enjoyed sitting under awnings.  BUT! I do actually believe, that with a little more fine tuning this whole CawningTM thing could become […]

#43) How to Professionaly Race Go Karts

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Time: 2 Days-40 Years Cost: However friggin much money you have Difficulty: Extremely Badassery: Also Extremely  60MPH, 2 Inches off the Ground First off, the fact that we still use imperial to measure speed and distances is ridiculous. I LIVE IN CANADA GOD DAMMIT, WE USE THE METRIC SYSTEM HERE. JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. 96.56 Km/hr, 5.08 Cm Off the Ground Much Better. Also, before we get started I would like to provide you, the wonderful and ever wiser individual whose is currently reading this post (who looks much more handsome than usual btw, did you get […]