How to Pick a Lock | The Basics

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Time: 8 hours Cost: $0-$30 Difficulty: Mid-High Chances of Getting Sunburt: 0%   The Quick Version “Lock picking is more of an art than a science” -The Art of Manliness I agree The Art of Manliness writers! I would also add that it is an incredibly frustrating art form, one that is quick to pick up, but difficult to master. “But isn’t that like all forms of art Stephen?” Ya I guess so. “I mean, when you think about it, that sentence is redundant. When something is an art form, the fact that it is easy to pick up and […]

How to Beat your Friends at Darts (without practicing)

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Time: 0 Time! Cost: 0 Cost! Difficulty: 0 Difficulty! Coolness at Parties: Maybe Increased!? A Synopsis, and link to the Article I’ve been playing darts from time to time for a large portion of my life now, but have never really seen improvement. Just about every game I won or lost, came down to luck. Like myself, I imagine you would not be satisfied with that outcome. So this week, I decided to learn a simple hack to winning darts against the average human, and ended up testing it over the span of three games. Hope you enjoy! The Article! […]

How to Solve a Rubiks Cube While Riding a Bike

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Time: 6hrs Cost: $5 Difficulty: High Increased Chance with the Ladies?: Unlikely The Quick Version For those of you who are actually wanting to learn how to solve a Rubiks cube, it would be both a waste of my time and yours, if I attempted to explain it in this blog. For that reason, here are two links that do a much better job at explaining the learning process than I would: A step by step video A list of the algorithms you need to solve the cube. Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, I would plan to spend between […]

How to Flip a Water Bottle to Impress Your Friends

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Time: 1-2hrs Cost: $10 Difficulty: Moderate Likelihood of Male Approval at Parties: Increased The Quick Version Don’t have time to watch a 4min video!? Got business to business!? Chores to be chored!? Cats to be catted!? I hear ya. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these 5 tips to a successful water bottle flip. Tip #1 You want a water bottle with a firm body, and flat bottom. I found that the Smart Water bottle worked the best. Tip #2 Fill up 70% of the bottle you found. No idea why this is the best percentage…but it just is. […]

How to Levitate a Ping Pong Ball with Your Mouth

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Time: 3-4hrs Cost: $3 Difficulty: Moderate Coolness: Greatly Increased Depending on Context The Quick Version I had two takeaways from this skill: ¬†Learning how to do this, and to make it look OKAY is fairly easy. To learn how to do it in a way that is worthy for a game of beer pong, will probably take 3-4 hours. Turns out, it was pretty hard to find information on levitating a ping-pong ball with your mouth. If you want to do it with a straw, that’s ezzy peezy That said, here’s what I learned.   How to Levitate a Ball […]

#40) How to Open a Beer (With Just About Anything)

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Time: 15 min Cost: $10-$20 Difficulty: Medium Coolness at Party’s: BRA…SO COOL How to Unlock the Container Which Houses the Golden Nectar of the Gods   Is what I would call this skill if I wasn’t worried about people getting confused. But I was worried…very much so! Why you may ask? Because I care about each and everyone of you and your quest to learn new cool, incredibly useful things each week. There, I said it. Call me soft, call me immasculine. You think that hurts me? Nope. Wanna know why? Because anyone who can open a beer with a […]

#25) How to Magic

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Time: 3-5 Hours Cost: $9 Difficulty: Moderate Level of Coolness at a Party: 76% increase* *unless there’s a guy there playing Wonderwall, then its 100% by comparison. Because that guy is laaaaaammmme Blowin my Mind Since 1993 Yep, you read that correctly. Since the day I was born I was being blown a way by magic. How is that even possible?! WHO KNOWS?!?! But all I know is that if baby Stephen saw a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, when it was pretty clear that the rabbit wasn’t in there before, his mind would be blown. Which is […]

#20) How to Drink Fast (er)

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Time: 2-10 hours Cost: $30.00 Difficulty: Difficult for this guy, easy for others Increase in Bro Love: 300% Increase in Externally Initiated Chest Bumps Brrroooooo I struggled with this one…ooooh man did I struggle with this one! It seemed like no matter how I spun it, I couldn’t break the barriers in my brain that allowed me to open my throat and just let that beer pour in. It was frustrating because I know so many people that can do it without even thinking, and I had to practice an entire week to get to the 13 second mark! Plus […]