#41) How to Make a Beat from Pretty Much Anything

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Time: 12 Hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: High Funky Fresh? Hell Yesh Working Hard on Da Beat Farm Legend has it, that as soon as I was born and developed fully functional hearing (which I’m going to assume was as soon as I was born (but don’t quote me on that (I mean you can if you want, but just make sure its not in any scholarly articles or anything (unless its a really well written scholarly article and you think you can get away with it (just don’t tell my parents))))), I have being jiving hard to funky beats. Whether […]

#34) How to be Metal

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Time: No Way to tell Cost: Not too sure to be honest Difficulty: This whole thing is so abstract Badassery Increased? Hell ya Metal is Commitment I will never claim to be an expert on music culture, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even say I have a better understanding of music culture when compared to the average individual. But what I can say without question, is that from the individuals I have met and know in the metal scene, they are  some of the most dedicated and hardcore fans I have ever met. Even on its own, the […]

#28) The $10 Guitar (And Piano)

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10-$50 Difficulty: Easy as Pie Badassery: Not really increased, not sure why I wrote this here…WATCH THIS! A Skill 3 Years in the Making Almost 3 and half years ago I discovered a lonely old baby grand piano and an aggressively used tiger guitar in Value Village. As per the usual, they were both hidden underneath a pile of aggressively chewed up barbie dolls, booger incrusted hot wheels and popular play sets from the late 90s’s. Being a reasonable man, I dug through the mess, promptly grabbed the instruments, payed my $5, took them home and […]

#27) How to Turn Your Vegetables into Instruments

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Time: 2-4hrs Cost: $50 Difficult: Easy Ability to Annoy Roommates: Increased Astronomically   The Peak of my Musical Career “Never in my life have I felt more a part of my essence as I did when I played upon the gentle sweet potato and crisp zuchinni. It was as if the pure organic nature of the vegetables took a hold me, and whispered into my ear inspiraaation“ Is what I would say if I was trying to get your attention. From a completely honest standpoint, this was probably the opposite of of the peak my musical career (which is not […]

#23) How to Write and Perform a Song

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Time: 5-30hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easier than you think Increase in Sexyness: Yuuuuup Breaking Down Barriers For the majority of my musical life I have considered myself a closet songwriter…someone who spends hours writing songs to never release them to the public.  And since the beginning of my songwriting, I have had the desire to share them with people, but have never really taken any actionable steps to do so. Various bullshit excuses such as “no-one is going to like it”, “I suck at singing”, and “there’s enough songs out there anyways, why do I need to perform?” would constantly […]

#17 How to Build a Synthesizer (And Jam with it)

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Time: 4-8 hours Cost: $100 Difficulty: Pretty Friggin Difficult Ability to Annoy People Close to You: Drastically Increased What is a synthesizer? For those of you who know what a synthesizer is, and are saying “Hey! This is super obvious, why would he put this in here?”… that’s what I thought as well. But when I was explaining to some of my close friends what this weeks skill was, a good portion of them had no clue. syn·the·siz·er: an electronic musical instrument, typically operated by a keyboard, producing a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different […]

#16) How to Turn Your House Into an Instrument

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Time: 8-14 Hours Cost: If you live in a house with things in it…$0 Difficulty: Editing Wise, Super Flippin Difficult Required Dancing Proficiency: High Wow! Those Are Amazing Dance Moves! Thank you, you are correct…they are pretty amazing. Unfortunately that level of dancing is something that cannot be taught. It can only be formed like water through a canyon… over many years of solitary bathroom jams to the spiciest of girls and the questiest of tribes. But what can be taught, is how to make sick beats with random stuff in your house. You will Need 1. A Decent Sense […]