How to Make Vegan Gluten Free Tomato Aspic w/ Stump Kitchen

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Time: 3hrs Cost: $20 Difficulty: Apparently Quite Difficult Tastyness: Stumptastic!           The Quick Version “Hey Stephen? Why didn’t you write anything up for this week’s skill?” “Because I’m tired, the post is late, and I’ve been editing for the past 16hrs” “Fair” “I’ll get to it later” The Recipe I you haven’t already, subscribe to Alexis’ Channel! DOOOOO IT!

#46) How to Make Apple Sauce, ‘Murica Style

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Time: 30 min Cost: $10 Difficulty: Ezzy Peezy Good Down on Da Farm Fun?: Heeeeeeell Yeeea Today a Vlogger without a Cause…Tomorrow a Food Network Host. Food network wished they had that kind of talent on board. Ratings would skyrocket, money (and pieces of mashed apple) would fall from the sky. So much money in fact, that there would be a risk of suffocation in their building due to the large amount of space their dolla dolla bills ya’ll would take up. This would force them to build a new building to house the money, in turn spending all the […]

#30) How to Cook a Steak

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Time: 10 min Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy Manliness: Instantly Doubled The Home Field Advantage Compared to my young years,¬† I find that there are many things that when moved out, I have begun to finally appreciate. Things like clean clothes, a dog, no rent, free food, and food that is cooked for you make it almost worth it to sacrifice my recently gained independence…. almost. But all of that aside, the one thing that made the move more difficult than anything else (other than my parents unfaltering love and affection of course) was missing out on Dad’s steak. After 40 […]

#2) How to Dumpster Dive

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Time: 2-3 Hours Cost: -$20-$50 Hipster Level Increase: 30% Decrease in invites to Potlucks: 100% Have you ever felt so hungry that you would do anything, anyyyyyything (winky face) for a loaf of bread, twelve packages of bagels and an uncooked potato? With the impending doom of our civilization and the always teetering economy, we need to always be prepared to do anything to keep ourselves nourished and healthy. That’s where our friend Dumpster Diving comes in handy.   Here’s the five steps to make sure you have a safe, and successful dive!   ¬†Step 1: Know Your Turf Before […]