#44) How to Live in Your Car

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Time Lived in Car: 3 weeks Cost Of Living So Far: Approx $300 Difficulty: Much easier than you would think Chances with the Ladies?: Massively Decreased 3 Weeks, Way to Many Nutrigrain Bars and the Greatest Invention Man-Kind Has Ever Known When I say the greatest invention man-kind has ever known, I mean if man kind could only live in cars, and if it was always really sunny out, and there was never any wind, and everyone really enjoyed sitting under awnings.  BUT! I do actually believe, that with a little more fine tuning this whole CawningTM thing could become […]

#18) How to Moonwalk Across Costa Rica

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Time: 4 Days compressed to 45 seconds Cost: $1000 Difficulty: Easier than you think Worthitness: Soooo worth it How do I accomplish such silky smooth moves? The complexity of these moves is intimidating…I know, but with the right concentration and practice, you can all look this silky smooth as well. Let me break it down for you.  The Moon Walk   I like to consider the moonwalk as one of the dance moves that has the strongest impress to learn ratio. And what I mean by that is it will impress basically everyone you know, while being relatively easy to […]

#12) How to Explore Your City: Urban Exploration in Detroit

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Time: 2hours-7days Cost: $0-$100 Exploration Level: 5 Christopher Columbus Thumbs Up of Approval out of 5 Increase chance of being fined: 40% Worth it?: Hell yes So What is Urban Exploration?  As defined by wikipedia “Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment.” It’s the discovery of old ideas, that have been made new by the power of time and mother nature. It’s the exploration of things that you may not have ever deemed “explorable” prior to reading this post. My goal with […]

#11) How to Float- My Experience with a Sensory Deprivation Tank

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Time: 1-12 Hours Cost: $50-$500 Worth-it-ness? Completely Worth it Intimacy Level: 5 Marvin Gaye Singles out of 5  “The Sensory Deprivation Chamber has been the most important tool I’ve used for developing my mind.”-Joe Rogan What is it? A Sensory Deprivation Tank is essentially a completely enclosed bathtub filled with 850 lbs of epsom salt and water with the intent of starving your body of all sensory input. The fact that there’s no light, sound or pressure from gravity combined with a water temperature of 34°C (skin receptor neutral) – the sensory experience you receive is truly nothing. And its […]

#1) How to Burning Man

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Time: 1-10 days Cost: $500-$1500 Baddasery: Ten Dust Storms out of Ten Increased Chance of Getting Laid When Experiencing this Skill: 200% Sexyness: 100% Sexy   I’ve had a lot of close friends and family ask me why I’ve chosen “How to Burning Man” as my first post, and how this is even a skill. I mean, how does one learn how to Burning Man? Let me break it down. You can’t. I will agree, Burning Man is not a skill… it’s an experience, a FUCKING CRAZY experience at that. It is something that through experiencing you will learn a […]