Making the Best Paper Airplane in the World

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Time: 15 min Cost: Pretty much zero? Difficulty: Pretty Darn Easy! The Quick Version For this week’s skill I built the world record breaking paper airplane designed by John Collins, and tested it out to see what, from an amateurs perspective, throwing and building that thing was like . I learned that its super easy to build, but tough to make perfect.  When you’re throwing the plane super hard, any imperfection on how it was built will make it veer off course or go straight into the ground. I learned something by the end of the video that made fixing […]

#50) How to Build an App: Drop Da Mic

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Time: 20-40hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easier than you would think Ability to be a Bowwss?: Massively Increased D-D-D-D-Drop da Mic How many times in your life have you had a moment where you wish you had a mic in your hands to drop? Burn someone real hard? DROP DA MIC. Spit some phat rhymes? DROP DA MIC. Slip into some canola oil, and brace yourself with your hands just about as you are going to perform on stage? DROP DA MIC. If you’re like me, than these kind of situations present themselves at many times throughout the day (and without […]

#47) The PunGlasses: How to Make Your Puns More Effective

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Time: 30 min Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy Effectiveness of Your Puns: Quadrupled Changing the World, One Pun At A Time Some people hate the pun. And rightly so. It can challenge people’s level of linguistic intelligence, boggle minds and sometimes can be too funny to even laugh at. I used to be in that boat. As a matter of fact, I’m not even all the way out of that boat. But with the power of the PunGlassesTM helping me forward, I feel like it is only a matter of time before I become as cool as these folks, and embrace […]

#33) The Motorized Guitar Pick

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Time: 3-9 hours Cost: $30-$50 Difficulty: Pretty Darn Difficult Increase in Guitar Playing Skills: lol…Nope The solution to how to shred faster…potentially Okay I’ll admit it, version 1.0 of the shred pick could use some work….maybe a lot of work. But nothing great was ever created on its first try, and maybe one day you’ll be looking back at this video wishing you invested in 52skillz and the shred pick dream! Maybe by version 12 it will be playing itself and serving champagne, but until then there’s this. Though the project didn’t turn out as planned, I am willing to […]

#28) The $10 Guitar (And Piano)

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10-$50 Difficulty: Easy as Pie Badassery: Not really increased, not sure why I wrote this here…WATCH THIS! A Skill 3 Years in the Making Almost 3 and half years ago I discovered a lonely old baby grand piano and an aggressively used tiger guitar in Value Village. As per the usual, they were both hidden underneath a pile of aggressively chewed up barbie dolls, booger incrusted hot wheels and popular play sets from the late 90s’s. Being a reasonable man, I dug through the mess, promptly grabbed the instruments, payed my $5, took them home and […]

#27) How to Turn Your Vegetables into Instruments

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Time: 2-4hrs Cost: $50 Difficult: Easy Ability to Annoy Roommates: Increased Astronomically   The Peak of my Musical Career “Never in my life have I felt more a part of my essence as I did when I played upon the gentle sweet potato and crisp zuchinni. It was as if the pure organic nature of the vegetables took a hold me, and whispered into my ear inspiraaation“ Is what I would say if I was trying to get your attention. From a completely honest standpoint, this was probably the opposite of of the peak my musical career (which is not […]

#22) How to Turn Your Car into a Tank

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Time: 2-4 Hours Cost: $80 Difficulty: Mildly Difficult Coolness Factor: Times 20 Baby Holy Shit That Was Fun If being a grown ass man and giggeling like a little girl for 4 hours straight sounds like fun to you… then this is for you. As an emerging adult (or full fledged adult for the more mature folk reading) there are rarely times when you get to put all your responsibilities aside and just shoot potatoes at Nazi’s for an afternoon…. This was one of those times, and hot damn was it satisfying. How to Make This Happen So you wanna […]

#17 How to Build a Synthesizer (And Jam with it)

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Time: 4-8 hours Cost: $100 Difficulty: Pretty Friggin Difficult Ability to Annoy People Close to You: Drastically Increased What is a synthesizer? For those of you who know what a synthesizer is, and are saying “Hey! This is super obvious, why would he put this in here?”… that’s what I thought as well. But when I was explaining to some of my close friends what this weeks skill was, a good portion of them had no clue. syn·the·siz·er: an electronic musical instrument, typically operated by a keyboard, producing a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different […]