#52) The 52 Skill Rube Goldberg Machine

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Time: 1.5 Months to Build, 1 Year to Conceptualize Cost: $500 Difficulty: The Most Difficult Thing I Have Ever Done Level of Neetness: Pretty Friggin Neet   1 Year, 12 Months, 52skillz After a year of learning, growing, building, doubting, creating, imagining, doubting some more, creating some more and one or two near death experiences…so comes the close to the first season of 52skillz. I’ve been nervous to write this post. Mostly because how I have framed this year puts A LOT of expectation on how incredible the “52nd Skill” is going to be (or maybe I just put that […]

#50) How to Build an App: Drop Da Mic

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Time: 20-40hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easier than you would think Ability to be a Bowwss?: Massively Increased D-D-D-D-Drop da Mic How many times in your life have you had a moment where you wish you had a mic in your hands to drop? Burn someone real hard? DROP DA MIC. Spit some phat rhymes? DROP DA MIC. Slip into some canola oil, and brace yourself with your hands just about as you are going to perform on stage? DROP DA MIC. If you’re like me, than these kind of situations present themselves at many times throughout the day (and without […]

#44) How to Live in Your Car

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Time Lived in Car: 3 weeks Cost Of Living So Far: Approx $300 Difficulty: Much easier than you would think Chances with the Ladies?: Massively Decreased 3 Weeks, Way to Many Nutrigrain Bars and the Greatest Invention Man-Kind Has Ever Known When I say the greatest invention man-kind has ever known, I mean if man kind could only live in cars, and if it was always really sunny out, and there was never any wind, and everyone really enjoyed sitting under awnings.  BUT! I do actually believe, that with a little more fine tuning this whole CawningTM thing could become […]

#39) How to Play a Recorder on Top of a 6088 Meter Mountain

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Time: 3 Days Cost: $120 (850 Bs) Difficulty: Incredibly Level of Danger: High   We were higher than a kite… and the clouds, and the tallest building on earth (828 meters), even higher than a Agusta A109E helicopter can hover (3082 meters), …the list goes on. To start, I would like to define myself as a relatively fit individual. From time to time I will do a pushup or two, jump the jacks or go for a bike ride. As far as skinny dudes in their early 20’s go, I’m pretty average. Which, would suggest that climbing up some steep hills […]

#37) How to Get out of Going to Jail in Bolivia

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: 40 Bolivianos Difficulty: Easy as crappin your pants in a foreign country Badassery: Pretty Darn badass if you ask me   So… I got Arrested… Yep, this classic middle class white kid consistently getting into shenanigans and consistently getting away with them as finally had long arm of the law come crashing down on him (in a developing country known for its extra sketchy jails non the less). Well at least for a few hours anyways. I mean its Bolivia, and in Bolivia, paper runs the world. No, not paper as in money, actual paper. Apparently […]

#22) How to Turn Your Car into a Tank

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Time: 2-4 Hours Cost: $80 Difficulty: Mildly Difficult Coolness Factor: Times 20 Baby Holy Shit That Was Fun If being a grown ass man and giggeling like a little girl for 4 hours straight sounds like fun to you… then this is for you. As an emerging adult (or full fledged adult for the more mature folk reading) there are rarely times when you get to put all your responsibilities aside and just shoot potatoes at Nazi’s for an afternoon…. This was one of those times, and hot damn was it satisfying. How to Make This Happen So you wanna […]

#19) How to Pole Dance

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Time: I have no idea…a long time Cost: $0-$300 Difficulty: Painfully Difficult Sexyness Increase: Drastic Mad Respect If you were to have told me that you pole danced a week ago, my instant reaction would have been negativity. Thoughts such as “only strippers pole dance” and the like would have surfaced to mind without really considering any other alternative. This mindset was totally changed last week. Spending an evening trying to pole dance, and getting my ass absolutely handed to me was a very eye opening experience. Not only did I fail to “sexily” do any of the moves, Karly […]

#12) How to Explore Your City: Urban Exploration in Detroit

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Time: 2hours-7days Cost: $0-$100 Exploration Level: 5 Christopher Columbus Thumbs Up of Approval out of 5 Increase chance of being fined: 40% Worth it?: Hell yes So What is Urban Exploration?  As defined by wikipedia “Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment.” It’s the discovery of old ideas, that have been made new by the power of time and mother nature. It’s the exploration of things that you may not have ever deemed “explorable” prior to reading this post. My goal with […]

#10) How to do a Flip in a Plane

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Time: 45min-15 Hours Cost: $0-$50,000 Badassery: 12 out 10 badass points Number of Blown Minds: A Dangerous Number  Ya you heard me, we be doing flips in planes and stuff I know I keep going back to the whole blowing peoples minds thing. But for real this time. You wanna blow peoples minds? Tell them you, as in YOU the guy who has never flown anything other than shitty paper airplanes and RC helicopers , learned how to fly a plane and do a flip in that same plane… all in the span of 45min. Also this in certain situations…but […]

#1) How to Burning Man

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Time: 1-10 days Cost: $500-$1500 Baddasery: Ten Dust Storms out of Ten Increased Chance of Getting Laid When Experiencing this Skill: 200% Sexyness: 100% Sexy   I’ve had a lot of close friends and family ask me why I’ve chosen “How to Burning Man” as my first post, and how this is even a skill. I mean, how does one learn how to Burning Man? Let me break it down. You can’t. I will agree, Burning Man is not a skill… it’s an experience, a FUCKING CRAZY experience at that. It is something that through experiencing you will learn a […]