#22) How to Turn Your Car into a Tank

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Time: 2-4 Hours Cost: $80 Difficulty: Mildly Difficult Coolness Factor: Times 20 Baby Holy Shit That Was Fun If being a grown ass man and giggeling like a little girl for 4 hours straight sounds like fun to you… then this is for you. As an emerging adult (or full fledged adult for the more mature folk reading) there are rarely times when you get to put all your responsibilities aside and just shoot potatoes at Nazi’s for an afternoon…. This was one of those times, and hot damn was it satisfying. How to Make This Happen So you wanna […]

#13) How to Affordabley Race Rally

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Time: 4-5 hours Cost: $80 (assuming you have a car) Adrenaline Levels: To the max Slippy Slideyness: Slippy and Slidey as fuck     How do you make this happen? For a large portion of my life I’ve dreamt about being able to go rally car racing, but never thought of it as even being in the realm of possibility. Excuses such as “You need to be rich to race rally” or “You need to be super good at racing to get into that” would always hold me back from even searching for opportunities to get into it. Thankfully, my […]

#10) How to do a Flip in a Plane

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Time: 45min-15 Hours Cost: $0-$50,000 Badassery: 12 out 10 badass points Number of Blown Minds: A Dangerous Number  Ya you heard me, we be doing flips in planes and stuff I know I keep going back to the whole blowing peoples minds thing. But for real this time. You wanna blow peoples minds? Tell them you, as in YOU the guy who has never flown anything other than shitty paper airplanes and RC helicopers , learned how to fly a plane and do a flip in that same plane… all in the span of 45min. Also this in certain situations…but […]

#8) How to Propel Sharp Flaming Objects at Things

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Time: 3-4 Hours Cost: $0-$250 Increased Chance of Burning Your Hands: 65% Manlyness Levels: Overloaded Baby Worth it? Auh Yis  Why should you care? Why spend your precious time reading this? Because Fire Because Flying Sharp Metal Objects And Boobs! Light Stuff on Fire? Are you Crazy? I was recently told by one of my good friends that I need to take this vlog to the next level. No more of this drifting cars and not crashing them shenanigans. No more of this scaring people and not getting punched in the face nonsense. So when I heard this, I figured […]

#7) How to Rappel Down the Side of A Bridge

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Time: 2-3 Hrs Cost: $0-$450 Danger Level on a Voltage Scale: High Comments: “Holy Shit thats Badass”, “Take me now Stephen, you’re so cool” etc… etc…  Want to feel like James Bond? Of course you do. I’ve experienced few things that are more invigorating and terrifying then being strapped to the side of the bridge, hanging 40 feet in the air. You’re completely dependent on your equipment, nothing but your set up and the quality of your gear determines whether or not you’re gonna survive on the way down. I bet Mr. Bond might even hesitate to do something like […]

#6) How to Drift (In Super Shitty Cars)

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Time: 3-4 hrs Cost: $0-$1000 Badassery: 4 Million badass points Increase chance of building a relationship with the police: 65% Hysterical laughter Increase: 200%   First off, this is a disclaimer for all of those of look a this post and decide to try this out. This is something that can be very dangerous without the right training and knowledge, please don’t attempt this if it will A) Get you arrested or B) Get you hurt. There was quite a bit of ground work laid out before shooting this, so please be safe. Okay, with that out of the way…in […]