#52) The 52 Skill Rube Goldberg Machine

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Time: 1.5 Months to Build, 1 Year to Conceptualize Cost: $500 Difficulty: The Most Difficult Thing I Have Ever Done Level of Neetness: Pretty Friggin Neet   1 Year, 12 Months, 52skillz After a year of learning, growing, building, doubting, creating, imagining, doubting some more, creating some more and one or two near death experiences…so comes the close to the first season of 52skillz. I’ve been nervous to write this post. Mostly because how I have framed this year puts A LOT of expectation on how incredible the “52nd Skill” is going to be (or maybe I just put that […]

#51) How to Back Flip

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Time: 3 Days Cost: $16 Difficulty: Moderate Ability to impressive people at high school parties: Free Bootlegged beer for life!   Your instincts are usually correct, I mean, they are usually correct…. if you’re doing something easy and natural, like walking, or sitting down, or knowing if you left the stove on after leaving the house. But for really difficult things, our instincts can be pretty darn deceiving. WHY WOULD YOU CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN!?!?!YOU COULD DIE?!?! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE _______ RISK!?!?! IT COULD BE A WASTE OF ENERGY THAT COULD BE SPENT NOT DOING THAT?!?! Which is why for […]

#48) Caving: How to Explore the Inside of a Mountain

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Time: 6 Hours Cost: $0-$150 Difficulty: Physically: Medium, Psychologically: High Badassery: 4 Unreasonably tight squeezes out of 5       So Underground No-One Could Hear Us Which may or may not be a good thing….Slightly off key singing and impromptu jam sessions aside, caving was another one of 52skillz’ “Ooo this is super fun and also incredibly terrifying” moments. From an optimistic viewpoint, you’re satisfying man’s instinctual need to explore and discover knew things. “Today we are left with few options of unexplored territory. The world’s greatest mountains have been conquered. The depths of the oceans have been reached. […]

#43) How to Professionaly Race Go Karts

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Time: 2 Days-40 Years Cost: However friggin much money you have Difficulty: Extremely Badassery: Also Extremely  60MPH, 2 Inches off the Ground First off, the fact that we still use imperial to measure speed and distances is ridiculous. I LIVE IN CANADA GOD DAMMIT, WE USE THE METRIC SYSTEM HERE. JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. 96.56 Km/hr, 5.08 Cm Off the Ground Much Better. Also, before we get started I would like to provide you, the wonderful and ever wiser individual whose is currently reading this post (who looks much more handsome than usual btw, did you get […]

#37) How to Get out of Going to Jail in Bolivia

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: 40 Bolivianos Difficulty: Easy as crappin your pants in a foreign country Badassery: Pretty Darn badass if you ask me   So… I got Arrested… Yep, this classic middle class white kid consistently getting into shenanigans and consistently getting away with them as finally had long arm of the law come crashing down on him (in a developing country known for its extra sketchy jails non the less). Well at least for a few hours anyways. I mean its Bolivia, and in Bolivia, paper runs the world. No, not paper as in money, actual paper. Apparently […]

#34) How to be Metal

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Time: No Way to tell Cost: Not too sure to be honest Difficulty: This whole thing is so abstract Badassery Increased? Hell ya Metal is Commitment I will never claim to be an expert on music culture, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even say I have a better understanding of music culture when compared to the average individual. But what I can say without question, is that from the individuals I have met and know in the metal scene, they are  some of the most dedicated and hardcore fans I have ever met. Even on its own, the […]

#32) How to Viking-Part 2

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Time: 2-4 Hours Cost: $2-$10,000 Difficulty: Easy Sword Skills: Just Incredible     Dull Arrows…they still hurt. You never know in this day and age when you will have to be prepared to receive random missile fire. It could be from a douchey bird passing overhead, an accidental paintball gun misfire, or something spontaneously combusting near a propane tank, sending sharps of metal everywhere. Whether you know it or not, all these things are common problems… and now you have a solution. Shields, The all in one Solution Not only are shields good for defending yourself from arrows and random […]

#31) How to Break Down a Door

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Time: 5 min Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy Peezey Badassery: Off the Charts FEEEEEEL THE TESTOSTERONE (Ladies, you have testosterone too, and I know you’re feeling it right now). Let’s be honest with ourselves. All of us at one point of our lives have had the desire to kick down a door. Whether it was when our little brother locked himself inside our room and messed around with your stuff, or when we where saving a helpless cat from a fire…its a basic human instinct to want to kick down doors (but don’t qoute me on that). “Its a basic human […]

#29) How to Viking-Part 1

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Time: 2-100 hrs Cost: $2-$10,000 Difficulty: Mid Range Badassery: 10 Battle Cries out of 10 Childhood Dream….Accomplished As a kid, I probably spent a good portion of my youth running around with homemade wooden swords, waging wars against trees, and challenging random dandelions to duals. One of my fondest childhood memories is of me riding my bike, homemade numb chucks flailing above my head, and chucking the forcfully bound sticks at any innocent bystander foolish enough to get close (and by innocent bystander I mean trees) I have to admit…I was a massive medieval nerd. And after this experience with […]

#24) How to Ski without a Ski Hill: Skijoring

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Time: 1-5 hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Moderate Badassery: Oh helllll ya  Skijoring ski·jor·ing: the action of being pulled over snow or ice on skis by a horse or dog or a motor vehicle, as a sport or recreation activity. For those of you who haven’t head of skijoring before, as I imagine you have figured out by now, it is pretty friggin badass. No longer do the people of Saskatchewan, Upper Manitoba, or really anywhere that is flat have to worry about never being able to experience the joy of flying across ice or snow at 50km/hr with pieces of […]