#51) How to Back Flip

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Time: 3 Days Cost: $16 Difficulty: Moderate Ability to impressive people at high school parties: Free Bootlegged beer for life!   Your instincts are usually correct, I mean, they are usually correct…. if you’re doing something easy and natural, like walking, or sitting down, or knowing if you left the stove on after leaving the house. But for really difficult things, our instincts can be pretty darn deceiving. WHY WOULD YOU CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN!?!?!YOU COULD DIE?!?! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE _______ RISK!?!?! IT COULD BE A WASTE OF ENERGY THAT COULD BE SPENT NOT DOING THAT?!?! Which is why for […]

#45) How to Juggle (And Fun Facts About Juggling)

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Time: 15min-40 hrs Cost: $0-$10 Difficulty: Mid Level Dexterity: Def Increased Yo 20 Hours of Practice for 140 Seconds of Video Some people would say it was 20 hrs, others would say it was 40, some may even say it was 15min. But the good news for me (and the not so good news for you ever loyal, humble and handsome reader), is that I can say whatever I want on here. This is the internet gosh dangit! I could say outrageous things about American politics, or about the Israeli Palestine conflict, and there would be little to no consequence! […]

#24) How to Ski without a Ski Hill: Skijoring

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Time: 1-5 hrs Cost: $0 Difficulty: Moderate Badassery: Oh helllll ya  Skijoring ski·jor·ing: the action of being pulled over snow or ice on skis by a horse or dog or a motor vehicle, as a sport or recreation activity. For those of you who haven’t head of skijoring before, as I imagine you have figured out by now, it is pretty friggin badass. No longer do the people of Saskatchewan, Upper Manitoba, or really anywhere that is flat have to worry about never being able to experience the joy of flying across ice or snow at 50km/hr with pieces of […]

#19) How to Pole Dance

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Time: I have no idea…a long time Cost: $0-$300 Difficulty: Painfully Difficult Sexyness Increase: Drastic Mad Respect If you were to have told me that you pole danced a week ago, my instant reaction would have been negativity. Thoughts such as “only strippers pole dance” and the like would have surfaced to mind without really considering any other alternative. This mindset was totally changed last week. Spending an evening trying to pole dance, and getting my ass absolutely handed to me was a very eye opening experience. Not only did I fail to “sexily” do any of the moves, Karly […]