Delicious Pasta Recipe from the Video Game Episode

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Make this, it’s not as difficult as I made it look, your friends and family will think you’re amazing. If you don’t have friends or family, at least your tastebuds will love you. If you don’t have time to make the Cavatelli, I suggest making the sauce on it’s own and combining it with some pre-made pasta.     Cavatelli – The Eggless Pasta Dough (make this first, wrap with saran wrap and let rest for 15 minutes) 200 grams  semolina 200 grams  ’00’ flour 200 grams  tepid water Place both flours in a bowl and mix lightly by hand. […]

Ep 6 | How to Dance on the Peak of a Mountain

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Tap Dancing is Tough, Tap Dancing on a piece of plywood on the side of Mt. Hood is really tough.  Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. If I could die an old man, dancing to a funky beat, with a bunch of other old people dancing around me, I would die a happy man. That said, the only style of dancing I’ve explored is “whatever the heck I feel like doing” style. For the sixth and final episode of How to Learn Anything, I decided it was time to explore a few more technical styles of dancing, to […]

Ep 5 | How to Hitchhike

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No you probably won’t die, and yes, knitting is lovely.  Growing up, it was rare to ever hear anything positive about hitch hiking. A united front of “it’ll get you killed” was shared between media, parents and schools. And for good reason. As a middle class white kid growing up in rural Alberta, there was really no need for me to learn how to hitch hike. Any attempt would result in a neighbour picking me up, taking me home and getting the “we’re disappointed” talk from Mom and Dad. Now that I’ve grown older, more irresponsible and more effective at […]

Ep 4 | How to Flip a Car while Doing the Splits

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Like a lot of kids, I grew up watching Mythbusters and thinking “that would be the coolest job ever”, and a goal of mine ever since has been to build a full sized remote control car. Last spring, I got an opportunity to do that for How to Learn Anything  and with the help of a very talented “local Mythbuster”, we were able to pull it off. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part. This post is going to outline how we built it, and how its pretty much like building a small RC car, just way […]

Ep 3 | I Ate Spicy Food for 70 days Straight, to See if I Could Finally Appreciate it

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Is it possible to increase your tolerance for spicy food, and if so how long does it take? Since I can remember, I’ve hated spicy food. Sriracha was hot and a dose of Jalapeño would have me sucking back milk the rest of the night . Maybe its my masculinity feeling threatened,  or a genuine desire to appreciate a cuisine I’ve never been able to enjoy, but a few months back, I decided to try and develop a taste for spice. After reading some spice themed articles and watching some spicy Youtube videos, I committed myself to eating progressively hotter […]

Ep 2 | How I Learned to Build a Cake Baking Robot

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Exactly one year since writing this post, I began the process of learning basic robotics in an attempt to build a cake baking robot. Below, is the first  video documenting that process.  The PottsBott 2000 Alright, so $1000(ish) and 200(ish)hrs later, I still was not able to build a robot that bakes a cake, from start to finish. I got 90% of the functions complete, but the two mixing functions continued to be a pain in the butt until there was no possible way for us to push the filming of the final scene of the episode back any further. Prior to […]

Ep 1 | How I Learned to Solve a Rubik’s Cube while Skydiving

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More than a year ago, without attempting either in the past, I learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube while skydiving. Three months before attempting the solve, I began the process of learning how to solve the cube, how to solve it in under 60 seconds (on flat ground) and finally, solving it while skydiving. If you’ve watched the mini-doc we made on that experience you have a general idea of how I pulled it off, but never got the nitty gritty as to how completing this was actually possible. This post is for those of you who actually want […]