#8) How to Propel Sharp Flaming Objects at Things

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Time: 3-4 Hours

Cost: $0-$250

Increased Chance of Burning Your Hands: 65%

Manlyness Levels: Overloaded Baby

Worth it? Auh Yis

 Why should you care? Why spend your precious time reading this?

Because Fire

Slow motion+Fire=Soooo good

Because Flying Sharp Metal Objects

Throwing hatchets works pretty much like this.

And Boobs!

Not really, but it’s still pretty cool

Light Stuff on Fire? Are you Crazy?

I was recently told by one of my good friends that I need to take this vlog to the next level. No more of this drifting cars and not crashing them shenanigans. No more of this scaring people and not getting punched in the face nonsense.

So when I heard this, I figured I would. Instead of just learning how to shoot a bow and throw a hatchet (which I think is already pretty cool), I decided to light said objects on fire and shoot/throw them at stuff covered in gasoline. Ideally it would’ve been hydrogen, but apparently people don’t like to sell a 150 pound tank of hydrogen to a dude planning to fill balloons with it and propel flaming objects at them.


But here at 52skillz, we don’t give up on our super cool visions. We set a goal to do awesome shit, and we get it done. Even if it doesn’t involve exploding stuff using massive tank of hydrogen, we pour gasoline all over that goal and light it on fire baby.

Here’s a video of me learning how to throw a hatchet and lighting it on fire. Also shooting a bow, and lighting some arrows on fire, and then shooting those are stuff covered in gas.

Its super cool, and also fuck that bale… you’ll know what I mean.


This skill was soooo satisfying to learn. Its hard to describe how great it feels to finally get a hatchet to stick into something after a 50 or so attempts. It’s like almost sneezing 50 times in a row, than finally allowing that beautiful noise and sensation to erupt from your face.

If this cat could take the balloon from between his legs, he would know how that feels.

But even more satisfying, was the feeling of accomplishment gained from having a vision, being totally shut down on the vision, and problem solving an equally cool situation. When every compressed gas dealer in town rejected me during my trek to purchase hydrogen (understandably), it would’ve been very easy for me to give up and move onto another skill. But I wanted to blow stuff up, and I made it happen. Even though it wasn’t as cool as filling balloons with hyrodgen and exploding them, it was still freakin awesome and totally worth the time put into it.

Here’s how to absolutely own every vision you have, no matter the circumstances.

Step 1: Have a vision

Step 2: Take action to build that vision

Step 3: Through action find restrictions to that vision

Step 4: Own those restrictions, and make something amazing out of it

Step 5: Repeat


Even if you’re not blowing stuff up, this can attitude can be translated to all aspects of life, and I guarantee will help you become a more open, accepting and happier individual.

Much love, and we’ll talk next week.


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