#7) How to Rappel Down the Side of A Bridge

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Time: 2-3 Hrs

Cost: $0-$450

Danger Level on a Voltage Scale: High

Comments: “Holy Shit thats Badass”, “Take me now Stephen, you’re so cool” etc… etc…

 Want to feel like James Bond?

Of course you do. I’ve experienced few things that are more invigorating and terrifying then being strapped to the side of the bridge, hanging 40 feet in the air. You’re completely dependent on your equipment, nothing but your set up and the quality of your gear determines whether or not you’re gonna survive on the way down. I bet Mr. Bond might even hesitate to do something like this, but that’s just a guess…

Or, I mean…maybe not.

 Point Being

RAPELLING IS DANGEROUS. According to the individual who taught me how to repel, it is the most common form of death in the rock climbing world. So please, if you are thinking of trying this take a look at this, this and this before heading out AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL SHOWING YOU HOW TO DO THIS.


The thing that I learned the most from this skill…is that I’m not great at rappelling. To get even a little more vulnerable… it showed me that I’m not great at letting go of control. To just be, to accept the situation as it is and that I have to work with what I have can often be very difficult for me.

I also learned that its pretty awesome to say “Oh you know, studied, rappeled down the side of a bridge…” when asked what you did that weekend. Minds=blown.

I guarantee, at least one person will react like this.

If you do try this yourself (not necessarily down the side of a bridge), please make sure you take a look at those links I provided, and that you have someone with a ton of experience guiding you.

Thanks again, and we’ll talk next week!

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