#7) How to Build a Booby Trap

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Time: 2hrs

Cost: $0-$50

Difficulty: Pretty straightforward I gotta say!!

Increase in home zombie defense: oooooohhhhhh yaaaaaa



Materials Required!

Motion detector (forgot to mention this in the video, but this is important to set up near the trap, so that when the zombie comes rolling by it lets the people inside the house know someone has set it off. Ideally, you would also have some lights turn on, blinding any other zombies around the trap and allowing you to come in and check the trap knowing that there isn’t another zombie lurking about)

A Board
100ft of rope
A stick
Screw-in rings


How to Build It

Step #1
Screw the loopy looking things into the log.

Step #2
Create the board of death.

Step #3
Tie the rope around a tree.

Step #4
Run the rope through the loops in the trunk, and tie the other end to another tree.

Step #5

Wrap another piece of rope around the bottom of the stick and take it around a tree slightly in front of the log.
Take that rope across the chokepoint, and tie it tightly to  an adjacent tree, making sure its tight.

Step #6

Nail the board of death to the front of the log.

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