#6) How to Drift (In Super Shitty Cars)

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Time: 3-4 hrs

Cost: $0-$1000

Badassery: 4 Million badass points

Increase chance of building a relationship

with the police: 65%

Hysterical laughter Increase: 200%


First off, this is a disclaimer for all of those of look a this post and decide to try this out. This is something that can be very dangerous without the right training and knowledge, please don’t attempt this if it will A) Get you arrested or B) Get you hurt. There was quite a bit of ground work laid out before shooting this, so please be safe.

Okay, with that out of the way…in order to pull this off at home you will need 3 things

1. A car that you don’t mind potentially trashing. Ideally with rear wheel drive, and a decent amount of horsepower.
Or this, this works too
2. An area out in the middle of nowhere where you’re  A) Not putting anyone’s life but your own in danger and B) Where you won’t get arrested for doing this.
This is pretty cool, but we don’t want this.
3. Someone who knows what their doing when it comes to drifting but more importantly COMMON SENSE.
Ron know whats up.

The Cars

In a normal situation, a guy would be pretty disappointed with the quality of cars we got to drift in. But this isn’t a normal situation, this is 52skillz baby, and we like to kick it no matter what.


1987 Cutlass Supreme

1987 Cutlass Supreme

Cost: $85

HP: 122.38

Weight: 3158 Pounds

Other then the fact that it is real wheel drive, in the words of the great Brett Hilker, ” This car is basically a middle finger to drifting”. The thing is a boat, weighs a ton, and has shocks looser than insert mom joke here. Statistically speaking, we should’ve drifted this thing into a dump.

But who cares about the stats anyways… I don’t know if I’ve ever had more fun driving a vehicle in my life. Though it was old and decrepit, it gave us what it got, and though it wasn’t much… my god was it satisfying.


1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon

1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon

Cost: Friend bought it for $200

HP: 61

Drive Train: FWD

If you thought the last car was less then ideal, this may change your perspective a bit. This thing has as much power as a pedal bike, about as much handling as a steam roller, and the trunk space to fit a small family in (not necessarily relevant to drifting, but also important). Again, not a lot going on for this guy, but for whatever reason there was nothing more satisfying then getting this box on wheels confidently spinning in circles, or painfully galavanting around a corner. Maybe there’s some sort of satisfaction with forcing an object to pull something off that most people think is impossible….

 But enough of this chatter, watch this video. Its fucking awesome.

This was by far (maybe other then Burning Man), my favorite skill to learn so far. As you saw in the video, there were very few times during the span of the three or four hours we were out there that I didn’t have a smile on my face. My cheeks hurt by the end of this, no lie.


 The feeling of total masculinity and freedom you get from sliding around a gravel road in the middle of nowhere…is shockingly blissful. That moment when you are turning into the drift, pointing the nose of the car towards the ditch with adrenaline pumping into your veins, mmmmm priceless. If you take the time to try this out, or have done this before comment below and let us know how you did. It would be great to hear some awesome drifting stories!

Drifting Pic

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and that your drifting days come soon and come safely. Comment below if you have questions, anything to add, or if you would like to troll my blog. See you next week!





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