#51) How to Back Flip

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Time: 3 Days

Cost: $16

Difficulty: Moderate

Ability to impressive people at high school parties: Free Bootlegged beer for life!


Your instincts are usually correct,

I mean, they are usually correct…. if you’re doing something easy and natural, like walking, or sitting down, or knowing if you left the stove on after leaving the house. But for really difficult things, our instincts can be pretty darn deceiving.


Which is why for me and the rest of the human race, backflipping is the complete opposite of what your instincts tell you to do. And is exactly why you should do it. Well that….and its pretty friggin cool.

-Why would you want to backflip? You could break your neck?      -Ya but look at how cool I look.

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So why should you do something against your instincts? Because pushing those instincts, and pushing what feels safe is how you grow as an individual.

You now what else is pretty scary and against our instincts intitally? Pretty much everything…that’s what.

These were all completely against my instincts at first, but all are vital to my growth and success as an individual.

Doing scary stuff will make you like this guys back.UNSTOPPABLE.

Ya I used learning to back flip as a metaphor for growth, so what!? Here’s how to do it.

How to Back Flip

Do your Research

I found that before going to the gym, going online and spending a bit of time taking a look at resources on stretching and the progression to take for a backflip gave me a good amount of ammo to use before stepping in the gym. Here’s the one’s that I found were useful:

Ask for Help

As you saw in the video, for the first two days of learning how to backflip, I barely progressed. One of the most powerful things I had on the third day, was an awesome mentor, and someone to hold me accountable to proper form, and just going for it.

Find a Safe Space

Foam pits, a grown man’s excuse to act like a kid again.
More than anything else, make sure that when you’re learning how to backflip, you do it in a space that you are not going to hurt yourself in. On the third day I had an area that I didn’t have to worry about hurting myself in, allowing myself to take jump, without serious consequences.
For those of you that are reading from Edmonton, I went to Oratona Gyms at the UofA South Campus. For everyone else, I would pop “gymnastics center open gym time” into Google and see what comes up!

What Did I Learn?

Though taking risks, and pushing yourself in life is incredibly important, it is also just as important to have a safe space, and a mentor to guide you through that risk.

Though I could have learned how to back flip on my own, and it may have gone perfectly fine, it is much more efficient, safe and logical to have someone to help you along the way.

And if you can find a great space to do it in, that’s the cherry on top.

Thanks for reading, happy learning, and prepare yourself for the 52nd skill…. Its gonna be epic.

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Have any other tips for individuals about backflipping or pushing your instincts? Let us know below!





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