#5) How to Scare a Bunch of People (And Push Your Own Limits Too)

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Time: 15min-5hrs

Cost: $30

Increased chance of getting punch in the face: 45%

Probability of being scolded by an Engineer: 9 times out of 10

Increased Level of Confidence in Social Situations: The amount will surprise you….

“To be totally honest, I think doing this skill scared me more than it did the other people.”

This skill was a ton of fun to film and put together, but holy man was it nerve racking…

But before we get into this, here is a quick 3 question test to determine whether or not this post is for you. You’re a busy person, you have things to do and I understand and respect that. So please scroll on down, and our own personalized identity detection software will determine whether or not you should continue.

1. Do you like attention?

Of course you do

2. Do you enjoy pushing the boundaries of society?

200 copy
You are the boy, society is the tea. Fuck their tea.

 3. Do you like pushing your comfort zone on a daily basis?

This is what I think of you comfort zone. Ps: This is a genius reference if you’ve seen the movie. No big deal or anything.

 If you said yes to all these things, this is the post for you. If you didn’t, still read it anyways, cause its awesome.

To be totally honest, I think doing this skill scared me more than it did the other people.

The idea of putting yourself out there and unwelcomingly imposing yourself into other people’s lives is a pretty unnatural thing to do. I mean from an evolutionary standpoint its almost idiotic.

And doing it while dressed up as a racy social issue pushes that evolutionary contridiction even higher…

And for this reason, prior to jumping into this experience I felt a wave of guilt. Guilt for the possibility of making another individual uncomfortable by interacting with them, by bringing something into their life that they didn’t want or need.

Which is total bullshit.


Not only did most of the people react positively in the short time we saw them on film, it tended to brighten up their day and I guarantee gave them something interesting to talk about when they got home.

What I learned from this (for the most part), is that as long as you are not actively trying to cause an individual harm in a physical, social or emotional way, then go for it! Put yourself out there brotha! Not matter what you do in this day and age, someone is gonna be offended…

But for the most part people will accept you and will either gain value from your interaction, or continue on with their day.

Which is totally okay btw

Now your probably saying to yourself

“Well Stephen, this just sounds like a lot of bullhunky to justify you dressing up as Ebola and Scaring people”

And I would retort with

“Well that may be true. Or it may not. But watch this video, its hilarious”

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed please try to push your boundaries a bit this week. Dress up as something that gets a bit of a reaction, talk to that girl (or guy) that you’ve always wanted to talk to. Do a super silly dance in a super silly outfit. Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable, do it and I bet you’ll thank yourself later…or not, but you’ll have a great story.

See you next week


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