#47) The PunGlasses: How to Make Your Puns More Effective

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Time: 30 min

Cost: $15

Difficulty: Easy

Effectiveness of Your Puns: Quadrupled

Changing the World, One Pun At A Time

Some people hate the pun. And rightly so. It can challenge people’s level of linguistic intelligence, boggle minds and sometimes can be too funny to even laugh at. I used to be in that boat. As a matter of fact, I’m not even all the way out of that boat. But with the power of the PunGlassesTM helping me forward, I feel like it is only a matter of time before I become as cool as these folks, and embrace the world of the pun.


The lack of crackas’ aside, the great news my beautiful and ever wittier reader, is that you can also accept the harsh mistress that is PUN into your life. AND YOU EVEN HAVE OPTIONS!

  • Option A) Like and share the video on Youtube so that we can get that bad boy to 1000 likes, and launch a Kickstarter campaign to make PunGlassesTM a reality. (I would really like this one 😉 )
  • Option B) Build your own pair of PunGlassesTM as shown below
  • Option C) Do Both! 🙂

Even if you choose to do none of those sit back, relax, and immediately stop relaxing, because this is how to build the PunGlassesTM .

How to Build the PunGlassesTM

Throughout the lifespan of 52skillz, this has been by far the least painful build. Outside of tracking down the proper materials, actually putting this thing together probably took about 10 min (with a 20min wait time for the glue), and has yet to cause any amount of serious troubles. By my calculations, this build has the highest return of fun experienced to time spent.

In order to do this build:

You will Need

1) A Voice Recorder: The awesome thing about this recorder, is that it’s small, inexpensive and makes the process of taking any sound and repeating it super easy. You’ll need this to record and play back The Who’s song Won’t Get Fooled Again in order to get the YEEEEAAAA sound we’re looking for (The sweet spot is around the 4:28 mark).

I found mine at Build a Bear for $10.

2) Some Sunglasses with large sides: Its important to have sunglasses with plastic sides with a decent amount of surface area. This is so that you can have a larger area to put the glue on, and in turn attach the recorder. Unfortunately, David Caruso’s glasses have skinny sides, so I couldn’t find anything that would work well with those, and resorted to using some knock off Ray Bans.


3) And some Gorilla Glue: Lastly, you’ll need some plastic to plastic glue to get these two items connected. I used the glue linked above, and so far its been working pretty well. As well, if you have some high grit sandpaper, I would gently rub it on both surfaces before applying the adhesive.


And once all that is put together, you should have yourself a pair of sleak, sexy, head turning PunGlassesTM that will not only maximize your puns, but maximize your style style style style.

I know you’ve probably seen this already, but I’m super proud of it, and wanted to make sure you saw it again haha.


What Did I Learn?

I think the biggest take away from this week, is a reinforcement on how easy and incredibly satisfying it can be to take a silly idea, and turn it into reality. I’ve had the idea for the PunGlassesTM idea for a while now, and have been putting it off due to fear of judgement, not being able to do it justice and a whole array of other B.S.

But really, even if people do think that the idea is not worth supporting, and this totally crashes and burns….that’s okay because I followed up on something and am now attempting to create a real, functional and retail-able product. Which to me is effin awesome.

And if this bad boy does make it on Kickstarter, I will gladly write up a post on how I ran it, my success and failures, and how you can run a successful (or unsuccessful) campaign too. If you have any questions you would like to answer while running the campaign, comment below, and I’ll make sure to hit on those points in the following post 🙂

Anyways, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and happy learning!





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