#46) How to Make Apple Sauce, ‘Murica Style

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Time: 30 min

Cost: $10

Difficulty: Ezzy Peezy

Good Down on Da Farm Fun?: Heeeeeeell Yeeea

Today a Vlogger without a Cause…Tomorrow a Food Network Host.

Food network wished they had that kind of talent on board. Ratings would skyrocket, money (and pieces of mashed apple) would fall from the sky. So much money in fact, that there would be a risk of suffocation in their building due to the large amount of space their dolla dolla bills ya’ll would take up. This would force them to build a new building to house the money, in turn spending all the money on said building that Cooking with 52skillzTM made for them.

Your Move Food Network

Once complete, the building will be used to house an army of attractive middle aged women and flamboyant/angry male Food Network hosts. They will be used as pawns to create a variety of 24 hr full coverage cooking shows across the world in every language and every country. This will allow the Food Network to influence the demand of certain types of foods across the world, and invest in those foods beforehand, turning them into one of the largest economic powers of the 21st century. Sound good Food Network executives? Let’s talk.

This picture symbolizes all the business we will be doing together.

But you didn’t come here to read about a popular source of instructional food related television shows’ plan for economic domination! You came here to learn how to make apple sauce my ever more attractive and intelligent reader. And that you will.

How to Make Apple Sauce

Apple sauce. The best of the worst side dishes to pretty much any meal that involves pork chops, chicken or any type of BBQ’ed meat. Its best friend is Coleslaw, and its greatest enemy is fried rice. Love it or hate it, when you grow up in rural ‘Murica (or rural Alberta, which isn’t too different), its hard to avoid its cinnamon flavored mushy texture growing up.

So why not enjoy the texture that spreads around your mouth in funny ways now that you’re a bit older? For that reason here’s some apple sauce recipe’s I found online.

  1. Apple Sauce: This recipe is pretty detailed, and as far as I can tell pretty tasty looking. Its also a family food blog, so you don’t have to worry about supporting The Food Networks plan for corporate and economic domination of the food industry!
  2. Also Apple Sauce: This website looks like it was made in the 90’s by a kid in grade 3 learning how to make websites. But, I ate the majority of my apple sauce in the 90’s, so I figure this is would be the most accurate source of information if you’re into that sort of thing.
  3. Apple Sauce, what did you expect?: This is just a picture of apple sauce, because really how hard could it be?

What Did I Learn?

Joy in creation does not always equal joy in Use. And that’s okay. 

What?! Something philosophical came out of this humor filled satirical blog post? Well this just isn’t consistent at all! Maybe not dear reader, but neither is the ocean and it gets along pretty fine doesn’t it!?

Ocean aside, I want to make two points on this idea.

1) Just because it doesn’t mean joy in use (or that its’ an effective product), doesn’t mean enjoying the process of creation is wrong.

Many times when I am creating something new, I can get caught up in the idea of “perfection”. I can’t release said video until it’s “perfect”, or I can’t talk to a customer until I’ve got the pitch or product down to a T. When really, (when perfection is unattainable) if you’re learning during the process, and there is some value to be found in what you’re doing, very few things can be considered a waste of time.

Those apples helped the family bond, fed some hungry chickens and were the focal point of a pretty kickass video. SOUNDS LIKE A WIN-WIN-WIN TO ME.

2) Not enjoying the process while making something great, is a often a good thing.

On the other side of the coin, doing/making something great often requires a bit (or a lot) of pain. Any of the accomplishments I’m most proud over the past few years of  have involved some level of blood, sweat and tears.

And I think as an individual who strives to create a career doing what I love, I can sometimes get caught up in the idea of “if it hurts, I’m doing something wrong”. But the truth is, the hurt is a good thing. As long as you’re learning and moving forward, the hurt is you growing. And damn does it feel good.

Anyways, thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and happy learning!







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