#45) How to Juggle (And Fun Facts About Juggling)

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Time: 15min-40 hrs

Cost: $0-$10

Difficulty: Mid Level

Dexterity: Def Increased Yo

20 Hours of Practice for 140 Seconds of Video

Some people would say it was 20 hrs, others would say it was 40, some may even say it was 15min. But the good news for me (and the not so good news for you ever loyal, humble and handsome reader), is that I can say whatever I want on here. This is the internet gosh dangit! I could say outrageous things about American politics, or about the Israeli Palestine conflict, and there would be little to no consequence! Hooray!

Hey 52skillz, what are you gonna do on the internet today?

But you didn’t come here to talk about complicated political issues, you came here to learn about juggling, and that you will. Buckle in folks, (and immediately unbuckle) because you are about to learn the subtle art form of juggling (and will probably need the use of your arms for that, which being buckled in would most likely restrict).

How to Juggle

Step 1: Watch these Videos

I could ramble on about how I learned to juggle and write up a step by step instructional post on how to throw balls in the air and catch them repeatedly, but I probably wouldn’t do nearly as good of a job as either of these videos did.

As a matter of fact! When learning how to juggle I used this video, as well as this one as great starting points during my process of learning how to juggle. Both provide a great list of tips you can use if this is your first time juggling.

Step 2: Practice Like a MoFo

According to Google, it should take between 15min and 2 hrs to learn how to juggle. So either that is bullshit, or I have the dexterity of well liquored sloth.

Actually, I don’t think this sloth gives to many f words about juggling right now…

Google and sloths aside, I do know that A) learning how to juggle took much longer than expected and B) was much more difficult than expected. I have a good number of friends who are able to juggle, and when you watch it, it looks like a relatively simple thing to do. But, for the first 4-5hrs of my juggling experience, I was spending half the time running around chasing after all the freakin balls that kept falling on the floor.

That said, like many of the skillz I’ve learned so far this year, there comes a point where things just click and start to make sense. After around the 5 hour mark, I was able to do a few cycles with 3 balls, and then 5-6 cycles and eventually was confident enough to toss those bad boys around pretty well as long as was needed to say what was necessary in the video.

Step 3: Get Sex

Once you have mastered the art of juggling, it is only a matter of time before attractive members of the opposite sex start flocking to your doorstep. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUYS HAND DEXTERITY?!?! And if that doesn’t happen, it probably means that you’re just in da wrong club and all the attractive members of the opposite sex have no idea what they are talking about.

It probably also helps if you have long flowing locks, and have stared in kids movies about killing mummies and stuff…

What Did I Learn?

I would say that my biggest take away from this skill is the idea of implementing active work breaks into my day to day life. Like many of us, I have the tendency to pop onto Facebook or Reddit for 20min after 5 min of getting stuff done. But, this week instead of using ye ol’ internet to tickle my fancy, I would spend 10 min practicing juggling.

The great thing I found about juggling instead of interneting, was that it A) kept me active during the break, giving me more energy when I came back B) gave me something to look forward to  while working and C) it kept me sharp in between my work sheshs.

No more 3 hr reddit binges for this guy!

Anyways, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and happy learning!



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