#44) How to Live in Your Car

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Time Lived in Car: 3 weeks

Cost Of Living So Far: Approx $300

Difficulty: Much easier than you would think

Chances with the Ladies?: Massively Decreased

3 Weeks, Way to Many Nutrigrain Bars and the Greatest Invention Man-Kind Has Ever Known

When I say the greatest invention man-kind has ever known, I mean if man kind could only live in cars, and if it was always really sunny out, and there was never any wind, and everyone really enjoyed sitting under awnings.  BUT! I do actually believe, that with a little more fine tuning this whole CawningTM thing could become an actual full blown product!

No more sleeping in the car for this guy! Let the money role in baby.

Think of the number of people with way to much money on their hands and way to much sun on their skin who could benefit from a life saver like this!?!? Its an untapped market waiting….to be…tapped…

But enough about the CawningTM! I know the real reason you came here was to learn how to live in your car. And that is exactly what you are about to do my incredibly attractive and ever more intelligent reader.

How to Live in Your Car

First off, living in your car is not for the week. It for 3. HA!

But in all seriousness, at times you will feel weird when setting up for the night and making eye contact with passerby’s while you remove your pants before slipping into bed. Sometimes you will feel pretty gross after not showering for 3 days and realizing that smell was coming from you, and not that large man in front of you in the Subway line. And sometimes you will stub your toe when stepping out of your car in the morning, causing you to go to the hospital because it literally took a sqaure inch of your flesh off.

But you know what, its totally worth it. I can’t really tell you why right now, because I have a headache, but you should totally try it…


Photoshop, what a wonderful thing.

So far, when sleeping in my car I’ve found that there are three game changers when it comes to comfort, and getting a good nights sleep.

  1. Where You Park: In Canada, it is legal to park in the majority of residential areas over night. That said, parking in residential areas can sometimes feel pretty weird. If you feel like that would cause you discomfort, I would suggest heading over to your local WalMart, and squatting there for the night. This is a well written article on proper edict when “Car-Camping” in Walmart parking lots.
  2. Covering the Windows: For the first week or so of sleeping in the car, I didn’t cover any of the windows. This sucked because a) People can look in to the car much easier, making it much more difficult to fell comfortable at night, and b) it gets super friggin hot/bright in the morning, so don’t count on sleeping past 7am if you don’t do something about this. I personally use some old blankets I have lying around and pop them in each one of the windows.
  3. What You’re Sleeping On: Depends on your desired level of comfort, but I have a memory foam mattress in the back of car, and it’s heaven. If you’re gonna sleep in your car, just make sure that you’re not sleeping directly on the folded down seats, cause that friggin sucks.


Though I don’t know how accurate this statement is in modern day Westernized society, hygiene is still a crucial part of your lifestyle, and can sometimes be ignored when living in your car. Here’s how I take on that challenge.
  1. Showering: 90% of the time I have been able to use friends showers to get clean, but every now and again that may not be an option due to distance etc… In some situations I have recently used my University’s showers, and will most likely by purchasing a portable shower for camping.
  2.  All other Hygiene Related Stuff: Gas Stations and Coffee Shops Baby!


As much as I would like to tell you that every day I am popping out my propane stove and cooking some hearty meals on it, I would be lying (and I would never want to do that to you my dashing and ever so witty reader). Unfortunately, I’ve found that the biggest challenged I’ve faced so far while living in the car has been proper nutrition. If I was a better man, I would spend the time to set up my propane stove and cooking gear, but I’m not, and seem to spend most of time in line ups at Subway….

What Have I l Learned So Far?

I’ve learned that I really don’t need a whole lot of stuff to live.

Back at home, I have an immense collection of things I’ve gathered throughout the years, that have failed to cross my mind once throughout the past three weeks. When it comes down to it, as long as you have the essentials (and a laptop/cellphone), you can be a relatively high functioning member of society (and be just as, if not more satisfied than you were before).

That, and for some reason girls are just not that interested in hanging out in the back of my car…

Anyways, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and we’ll talk next week! 🙂


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