#4) How to be Stoked at Any Time of the Day

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Time: 5-15min

Cost: $0

Stokedness Increase: 65%

Likeability Increase: 2 More Highfives/Day

 Why Should You Care?

Great question, why should you spend the next five minutes of your day reading this? As a reader you are probably saying” I have my paper work to do, people to call, tests to study for, facebook feeds to scroll on…. I don’t have time for your words Stephen!” And that’s when I would retort with, “You’re wrong!” And you would probably say “What? I’m never wrong!”, and then I would slap you and tell you to “Get it, together man!”

Here’s Why…

  “Being stoked is the epitome of all being. When one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do.”

To be stoked is to be the epitome of all being. How fucking awesome is that??!! What comes to your mind when ones says the epitome of all being?

  • Dancing like an idiot for days? Literally days.
  • Flying down a mountain with skis strapped to you feet just barely on the edge of control?
  • Walking up to the bus stop as soon as it arrives?
  • Finally getting that cute girls (or guys) number?
  • An amazing intimate and consensual sexual experience with said individual?
  • Getting one more subscriber on your Youtube channel? hint hint 😉

I think what attracts me most about this concept, is the fact that the word stoked suggests that there are no limits being placed on an individual. To be stoked, is to remove all your walls, put yourself out there and just be.

In the wise words of Jay Z

Ball So Hard
Ball So Hard

So How Does One Get Stoked?

Also a great question! Here is a panel answering that question for you as well as what dangers to our society arise when of individuals are always so stoked.

 For those of you who don’t regularly eat sick ass nachos, or shred down the mountain doing sick back flips and shit, there’s

 15 minutes of Stoked

15 minutes of stoked is something that I have been doing for the past few months now, and it has made balancing the many aspects of my life much easier. Anytime I am feeling down or un-energetic in times where its important for me to be on my game, I will stop what I’m doing and make sure this gets done.

Step 1: Find a place that you have enough space in to move around and get active. Ideally somewhere were you can make some noise and get cray.


Step 2: Put a couple sick songs on, songs that get you pumped the frick up. Some of my favorite pump up songs are Take on Me, Wash Your Face, and Rebellious Love.  Once that is done, you can set a timer for anywhere between 5 and  15 minutes.

Is this the epitome of greatness? Hell ya it is.

Step 3: Start doing stuff. Honestly, you can do whatever the heck you want to as long as it is something that gets your blood flowin and puts a smile on your face. Jumping jacks, push ups, the moonwalk, high fiving your co workers. Do whatever turns you on for those 5-15minutes.  I can guarantee that if you were staying active, doing what you love for that time, you will have a huge smile on your face after, and will be recharged and ready to go for whatever is next in your day.

Do you wanna feel like this guy? Of course you do.

But don’t take my word for it, watch this video of a guy who looks and sounds very similar to me telling you all about.  All the steps are there to make sure you are super stoked, 24/7 baby.

Ps: This doesn’t have to literally be 15 minutes of your day. You can set the timer for 5 minutes, you can set it for 10 min, you can set it for 2. As long as you’re getting active and being silly for a whatever amount of time works for you, I promise you will feel better. Give it a try, and comment below if it worked for you.

Thanks again, and we’ll talk next week.

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