#33) The Motorized Guitar Pick

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Time: 3-9 hours

Cost: $30-$50

Difficulty: Pretty Darn Difficult

Increase in Guitar Playing Skills: lol…Nope

The solution to how to shred faster…potentially

Okay I’ll admit it, version 1.0 of the shred pick could use some work….maybe a lot of work. But nothing great was ever created on its first try, and maybe one day you’ll be looking back at this video wishing you invested in 52skillz and the shred pick dream! Maybe by version 12 it will be playing itself and serving champagne, but until then there’s this.


Though the project didn’t turn out as planned, I am willing to bet that there is some genre of music out there that could use a creepy noise generator that can attach to your guitar. And I mean, if nothing else it looks pretty cool. For the people who can line up with that, here’s how to build it.



  •  Soldering Iron
  • Pliers
  • Clippers
  • Solder
  • 100K Potentiometer
  • Micro 1A diode (3)
  • Wire
  • Mosfet Transistor
  • Heat Sink
  • 3V-12V DC motor
  • 555 timer chip
  • 2 PC board terminals
  • 100 uf capacitor
  • .1 uf capacitor (3)
  • 10K Resistor
  • Twisty Knob



Putting it Together

We used the instructions from make.com. Here is the link! http://makezine.com/projects/the-dial…

As for the case, I used the black project box, a on and off switch, and some suction cups to hold it on the guitar. Once you’re done getting the motor working and everything look good, I would put it in the box, and “shred” away. Or just make noise…either way, its a ton of fun.


What did I learn?

First off, if you plan a DIY project to take 3 hours, its probably going to take you 6….or 9….or 12.


As well, I’ve always been an ideas guy but have only recently begun to take action. I have a book full of different inventions and ideas that I have come up with over the span of my life, and through learning these new skills… even if it’s a bit rocky, I’m finally able to turn them into reality. And its freakin sweet.


And lastly, perfection is a silly thing. Though the project didn’t come out as expected, and it was initially a bit disappointing, I accepted it, moved forward and had a ton of fun with it. If I had spent a ton of time dwelling on “what could have been”, as opposed to “how can we make this cool” I think my experience would have been a lot different.


Anyways, thanks for reading and we’ll talk next week 🙂


ps: If any of you have any ideas on how to make this better please comment bellow, and I can try and add it to V 2.0 . I think we have something here…but it just needs to be much less shitty…


pps: And my god, if you’re new to electricity, please find a wizard. Once again, Patrick has saved my butt with this skill, and donated a ton of his own time to make this happen. Gracias mi amigo.


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