#30) How to Cook a Steak

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Time: 10 min

Cost: $10

Difficulty: Easy

Manliness: Instantly Doubled

The Home Field Advantage

Compared to my young years,  I find that there are many things that when moved out, I have begun to finally appreciate. Things like clean clothes, a dog, no rent, free food, and food that is cooked for you make it almost worth it to sacrifice my recently gained independence…. almost.

Food…its a powerful thing.

But all of that aside, the one thing that made the move more difficult than anything else (other than my parents unfaltering love and affection of course) was missing out on Dad’s steak. After 40 years of practice the man has brought it down to a T…and I…do not. Which I exactly why I enlisted his help for this weeks skill, in turn, helping me become more manly, a better host and more able to solidify my independent lifestyle. Here’s how to do it.

How to Cook a Steak

1. Purchasing the Proper Steak

To quote myself:

“You need to buy a good steak to be able to cook a good steak”-Me, 2015

Wise words Stephen…wise words. But in all seriousness, those are wise words, because:

“To cook cook a shitty steak is well, is to get a well-cooked shitty steak”-Also Me, 2015

In order to avoid buying a shitty steak, there are two main things you will want to look for.

  1. A good amount of marbling, or small flecks of fat on the steak.
  2. And a red color, suggesting that it is fresh, and that there is a lack of oxidation on the meat.


 2. Cooking the Steak

How you cook a steak is very much dependent on personal preference. Whether you like it rare, medium rare or well done, with sauce, with seasoning or on its own, is completely up to the individual. The following information will give you a good outline on how to cook a steak medium rare, with some super delicious BBQ sauce as well as will give you a great point to work off of depending on how you like your steak.

1. Heat the Grill to between 375-400 Degrees

2. Given a 3/4 inch steak, cook it for approximately 5 min/side

3. If applying sauce, only apply it once flipped. Applying it beforehand will result in caramelization of the steak sauce through contact with the flame beneath.

4. Check the steal by poking it with a fork, and testing its firmness. If it feels firm after the 5 min/side…it is ready to go!

ps: Never cut into a steak before serving it, as that will cause it to lose much of its juices and flavor when cooking it.

What did I learn?

That even as much as I had to admit it, there is much wisdom to be gained from your elders. Me being a pretty ambitious young guy, I sometimes like to think I know just about everything about… everything. But the more I do this blog, the more I realize how grossly incorrect that it is. Learning is a beautiful thing, not only does it empower you, but it humbles you at the same time.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week 🙂








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