#31) How to Break Down a Door

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Time: 5 min

Cost: $50

Difficulty: Easy Peezey

Badassery: Off the Charts

FEEEEEEL THE TESTOSTERONE (Ladies, you have testosterone too, and I know you’re feeling it right now).

Let’s be honest with ourselves. All of us at one point of our lives have had the desire to kick down a door. Whether it was when our little brother locked himself inside our room and messed around with your stuff, or when we where saving a helpless cat from a fire…its a basic human instinct to want to kick down doors (but don’t qoute me on that).

“Its a basic human instinct to want to kick down doors”-52skillz



Being frank, its been a long time since I’ve felt like as much of a man as I did last week. Violently propelling your foot towards an unsuspecting piece of compressed wood and cardboard (yes this door had cardboard inside it), to snap the lock inside and send the door reeling backwards, splinters flying through the air… is pretty damn satisfying. Even more satisfying, is to take a new door, and attack it with axes, arrows and shotgun shells.

Though this may not be the most practical skill in the world, it is a ton of fun to learn, and hell, who knows when you’ll need to save a cat, beat your little brother up or teach an old crappy door a lesson. Here’s how to do it:


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Though there was some other research involved, this is a quick and easy summary of how one effectively breaks down a door. If you really want to use a shotgun then aim for the doorknob, but please please please for the love of geebus use proper gun safety procedures.


What Did I Learn?

That sometimes its okay to stop working and let your inner man child out. When I have so many things on the go, it can often be difficult to stop and give myself some time to get a little bit weird. But hawt damn is it important, and hawt damn does it feel good. This, and I absolutely love wood working. I think if I wasn’t set on becoming a Youtube star, I would go be a cabinet maker or something.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week 🙂



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