#24) How to Ski without a Ski Hill: Skijoring

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Time: 1-5 hrs

Cost: $0

Difficulty: Moderate

Badassery: Oh helllll ya


ski·jor·ing: the action of being pulled over snow or ice on skis by a horse or dog or a motor vehicle, as a sport or recreation activity.

For those of you who haven’t head of skijoring before, as I imagine you have figured out by now, it is pretty friggin badass. No longer do the people of Saskatchewan, Upper Manitoba, or really anywhere that is flat have to worry about never being able to experience the joy of flying across ice or snow at 50km/hr with pieces of fiberglass strapped to your feet. As well, like many good things, it originated in Europe and started out mainly with the use of dogs.

Just one more reason as to why dogs are literally the best shit ever.


Here’s 5 Ways to Make this Happen

1. Dogs

As just mentioned, skijoring originated in a variety of places in Europe enlisting the help of dogs. Typically, there would be 2-3 dogs boosting a cross country skiers performance, and was used as a form of transportation as well as in a competitive atmosphere.


2. Horses

The second portion of skijoring to emerge was the use of horses to pull individuals across the ice or snow. It started out as a new way to travel during the winter season, and eventually emerged into a full fledged winter sport, being featured as a demonstrative sport in the 1928 Winter Olympics.


3. Ski Doo’s

Logically, with the advent of the motorized vehicle, someone thought it was a good idea to attached a rope to the back of a ski doo and pull someone behind it at ludicrous speeds. And they were right. Cause it is awesome.

Marc Coma, Daron Rahlves - Action

4. Dirt Bikes/Quads

Kind of looks like a motorized cross between a horse and a dog….kind of….why not?

Augustusburg, Skijöring, J. Riedel, H. Rösch

5. Cars

What is the fastest thing we can pull you with, using the most dangerous and unpredictable surface to ride on…oh ya, cars and ditches with half metled snow. That sounds like a great idea!

Things were different back then…

What did I Learn?

That holy smokes it’s a whole notha ball game being pulled behind something while snowboarding than it is when you are going down the hill. Muscle groups I didn’t even know exist where hurting for a few days after filming this bad boy. Also…man alive are those European folk crafty. They make the Volvo, they make David Hasselhof, and now this. We need to give those guys more credit.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week 🙂

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