#22) How to Turn Your Car into a Tank

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Time: 2-4 Hours

Cost: $80

Difficulty: Mildly Difficult

Coolness Factor: Times 20 Baby

Holy Shit That Was Fun

If being a grown ass man and giggeling like a little girl for 4 hours straight sounds like fun to you… then this is for you. As an emerging adult (or full fledged adult for the more mature folk reading) there are rarely times when you get to put all your responsibilities aside and just shoot potatoes at Nazi’s for an afternoon…. This was one of those times, and hot damn was it satisfying.


How to Make This Happen

So you wanna shoot Nazi’s with potatoes from the top of your car? Awesome, first things first…SAFETY. Always have multiple people around when firing the cannon, and be sure to wear eye and ear protection when testing it. As well, make sure that you do this at a location that is not going to get your arrested. As awesome as it is, I’m certain that most police officers won’t have the same level of appreciation for it as I will.



  • Aerosol Hairspray
  • Potatoes

The Cannon

  • 5 feet of 2” ABS Pipe
  • 1.5 feet of 3” ABS Pipe
  • A 3” to 2” reducer
  • A 3” threaded adapter
  • A 3” end cap
  • A BBQ Ignitor
  • ABS Cement

The Cannon Rack

  • 4 Zip Ties
  • A 4 foot piece f 2×4
  • A Bolt, and 2 Nuts


  • Hacksaw
  • Drill


  • A car with a roof rack
  • And somewhere outside the city to do this

Build the Cannon

Instead of typing out all the instructions to build the cannon, here’s a link to the instructables page I used when putting this together.

Build the Rack

The rack is an extremely simple and handy way of mounting your cannon to the top of your car. You only want to move to this step once you have built and tested your cannon, just to make sure everything is working on that end before mounting it. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Cut a 2-3”piece off the 3” ABS Pipe, and drill a hole through one end.
  2. Take the 2×4 (or whatever piece of wood you’re using) and drill 5 holes. 2 on either end of it for the zip ties, and one in the middle to mount the 3” piece of pipe.
  3. Mount the 3” ABS pipe on the piece of wood using a bolt and two nuts. One nut should sit in between the pipe and the wood, and other should be placed on top to lock the whole thing in place.
  4. Once that’s done, ziptie the whole thing to the roof rack of your car and you’re good to go!

DSC03771 DSC03773

Put it all together and shoot stuff!

Nuff Said

What Did I Learn?

That hairspray starts to condense and become hard to ignite very quickly in minus 20 degrees Celsius weather. Though it doesn’t seem like it in the video, it was a pain in the ass to get that thing working. To be honest, a good majority of the footage I had was of us cursing. Either at the hairspray, the weather or the potatoes. But, when that thing did work… it was like winning the lottery. Every. Single. Time.


So with that in mind, I would say I learned the value of patience and persistence and how good it can feel when all that frustration and hard work finally pays off. Which in this case was in the form of a potato flying out of a PVC pipe towards a poorly dressed manikin.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week đŸ™‚

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