#18) How to Moonwalk Across Costa Rica

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Time: 4 Days compressed to 45 seconds

Cost: $1000

Difficulty: Easier than you think

Worthitness: Soooo worth it

How do I accomplish such silky smooth moves?

The complexity of these moves is intimidating…I know, but with the right concentration and practice, you can all look this silky smooth as well. Let me break it down for you.

 The Moon Walk


I like to consider the moonwalk as one of the dance moves that has the strongest impress to learn ratio. And what I mean by that is it will impress basically everyone you know, while being relatively easy to learn. Especially if you can nail it. Here’s the breakdown.

Step 1) Plant your bent leg with your heel up on the ground. Have the leg that is going to be moving out in front of you, and flat on the ground.

Step 2) Then, without moving the bent heel leg, slide the flat foot across the ground until it is behind your bent leg.

Step 3) Once it is behind…switch the feet that are bent and flat, and in turn, move the now flat foot backwards.

Step 4) Aggressively grab your genitals at every possible moment.

Step 5) Become famous and touch kids.



The Spinning on your Butt One


This move can be seen in various movies such as: every remotely dance related movie from the 90’s. It probably originated in da hood, but has now been taken over by dorky middle class white guys like myself. Kind of like every other form of dance and music. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1) Be white.

Step 2) Identify something that another culture does really well.

Step 3) Take ownership of it, and spin it in a way that is washed down, and seemingly unique and different when its really not.

Step 4) Cash out

The Freestyle


For a small percentage of people, dancing fresstyle can look graceful, entertaining and sexy as eff. But, for the majority of individuals, it is something that can only be accomplished through alcohol and/or drugs. And it neither looks graceful or sexy…entertaining maybe, but far from anything suggesting sexual prowess. Here’s how to do freestyle.

Step 1) Drink a beer

Step 2) Drink 5 more beers

Step 3) Close your eyes

Step 4) Flail your arms and legs around in a somewhat organized fashion

Step 5) Get sex

What did I learn?

Dancing is great, it is an amazing way to get pumped up or stoked if you’re having a “meh” kind of day. I always new that, but NOW I KNOW IT EVEN MORE. I also learned Costa Rica is an incredible place with some incredible views and even more incredible people in it. If you ever plan to head there, I would suggest staying outside of the resorts for a few days, and seeing what the authentic side of that country is like. I think you’ll like what you see.

  Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week 🙂

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  1. If you go, make sure to check out La Playa Hermosa as well! Its a great beach and has awesome surfing spots for beginner surfers.

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